Zoe has eaten...

Zoe will be 3 in July. She has eaten many things in her short three years. Here are a few:

the trim on the floor, all 5 couch/loveseat cushions, the back pillow of the couch, the Nintendo 64 cords

 Dunkin Donuts, stuffed animals, shoes, blankets

socks, cat toys, the futon, books, VHS covers

my cell phone, a video camera, all the hostas, more socks

gloves, winter hats, baseball hats, bath towels, spatula

our mattress, french bread loaf, Digiorno pizza crust, wooden spoons

Tupperware, a whole meatloaf, a whole pan of blueberry muffins

wrapping paper, cat poop, her dog beads, my underwear, toothpaste

a whole pack of birth control pills, multiple packages of gum, a gigantic Hershey kiss

a mouth guard, a whole bar of soap

There are probably lots of other things that I can't think of. We have never taken her to the vet because she never shows signs of issues or being sick or anything. Also, of all those things she's eaten the only thing that has made her throw up are the socks and the bar of soap. Everything else is on the backyard!


  1. You've never taken her to the vet for things she's eaten! You have for normal check-ups! =)

    I remember when she first ate cat toys as a puppy and you called to ask me if she would be okay... If you only knew then how capable she is of eating EVERYTHING! (With no apparent harm to her)

    Love the pictures of her looking guilty with her damages.