I am so glad it is winter break! This semester at school has been really good but I was in need of a break! So far it has been relatively relaxing! Amy and George came up to visit Sunday and we had dinner and went to Christmas at the Zoo! It was really cold but we had a good time!

The rest of this week is pretty eventful. Christmas Eve we go to Clint's aunt's house. Christmas my whole family comes to our house. Saturday we visit my grandma's house and finally on Sunday we go to Clint's parent's. I can't wait to play some games!

Next week I will relax some more of course...but then I am having lunch with the girls from school and will have to actually start thinking about school...because I don't have anything ready for when they come back!

We are also going to have people over for New Years Eve...hope that will be fun!

Merry Christmas!

Zoe is such a cutie pie!

Zoe loves to lay in crazy ways and lay all over everything in the house. Clint really hates when she jumps in bed...even worse, when she lays on his side!

Lindsay gave Zoe her 2nd flying monkey toy. Both were loved dearly by Zobo but she ate them.

I like to dress Zoe up whenever I can.

This is my new favorite picture of Zoe!

Chewing is her favorite hobby!

Christmas Time!!

I love when we have all our Christmas decorations up! Then it really starts to feel like Christmas!

I even did a little decorating in my classroom! I also have a wreath on the door, two strands of lights up and a mini tree.