The kitties love to be downstairs now except where the dog is. Of course the dog can't be anywhere too high so the cats like sitting on the island or kitchen chairs. Tonight after dinner we found them sitting on the stove. We cooked on the stove and in the oven so they must have like toasty buns!


This weekend Clint and I finally decided to paint our kitchen cabinets. When we painted the walls, we thought about painting the cabinets white. The floor and cabinets kind of matched but not close enough, which bothered us. So we tossed the idea back and forth for a while but just decided to go for it. After realizing how many cabinet doors we actually had, we thought "WHY??" But, we are almost halfway done and we think we are really going to like it!

(Please excuse the mess!)


Pretty much my whole life I have not liked to wear socks to bed. I also don't even like my feet covered up. They always stick out from the blankets, which Clint hates. I always sneak and try to pull the blankets off his feet! Anyways, lots of times I get into bed wearing socks, just to take them off minutes later. I'm usually cold and lazy when I first get in bed, so I take them off with my feet. Then I casually kick them over to Clint's side so I don't have to feel them! Then of course he kicks them back over or worse, he pulls them out from under the blanket and puts them in my face! How rude! 
Well I got tired of him rubbing them up my nose, so I started sneaking them under his pillow after I took them off. This was perfect because once he is all settled into bed, he usually puts his hands under his pillow and ta da! Smelly socks! I think a few years ago I actually had a good streak of getting several socks under his pillow before he 5 or 6! Well he was always trying to pull one over on me so I devised a plan! One night when he was brushing his teeth, I stuck one of my stinky dress shoes under his pillow! I got in bed and could hardly contain myself. Of course I was giggling and he kept asking what I was laughing about. Finally he gave up and said goodnight. Then I waited....then he stuck his hands under his pillow. He pulled the shoe out and I just about died from laughing! The back of his pillow was so stinky! He even changed his pillow case! Luckily we're two lovebirds and he thought it was funny  :)


After only two days I received my beautiful boots!! I didnt even have fast shipping because my student one expired :( They even came in the prettiest shiny silver box! However when I looked inside the boot to remove the stuffing I saw that they were a size 9 instead of a 7.5 Boo! So now I have to send them back. Luckily Amazon already placed my exchange order and they are paying for shipping!


I'm not sure who showed me this or where I found out about this site, but it is probably the best creation ever. I can sit forever just reading through the autocorrects. The best time is when I am upstairs and Clint is downstairs. I try not to laugh too loud to seem like a total loon but I end up laughing even better and sounding even crazier that way!


I have never ordered shoes online because I am afraid they won't fit but I took the plunge today! I ordered a new pair of cool boots (or boops as my sister and I say)! I went shopping yesterday and today to find some and found one cute pair at Target but they didn't have my size and I found a cute pair at JCPenny but they were too expensive. So I went to Amazon and found this cute pair:

I hope they get here soon and I hope they fit!


For as long as I can remember, Zoe has been resting her head on anything and everything around the house. I even experimented once and stuck out my hand under her chin. Yep, she rested it there even as I moved my hand up and down. As lond as it is within chin height and Clint or I am around she will rest her big heavy head.


A few people at school got together after school to "celebrate" the start of the second semester. I definitely always have some time for friends and a tasty margarita!


Last night I decided to paint my nails which I haven't done in a while. Of course anytime I do something so small my students notice instantly. So all day I kept hearing how beautiful my nails were. And lets face it, I am not a professional so they aren't that great but to first grades they are!


It took a while...almost two months. But the kitties and the puppy are almost friends! Zoe still chases the cats when she can, but we took the gate down and the cats come out whenever they want. If they are all feeling in a good mood, all three pets will jump on our laps and snuggle! Definitely glad I don't have to worry about them not working out together!


Over Christmas break I definitely got my fix of family! My mom and stepdad were here for a week and Lindsay and Ange were here for almost two weeks! Hilary and Scotty also came down several days to hang out! We played lots of board games (Head Bands, 5 Second Rule, Synch Up, What's Yours Like?, Apples to Apples, Just Dance 3, Sardines), lots of eating, did lots of shopping, swam in the swim spa (s squared) and just plain hung out! It was definitely sad to see Lindsay and mom and the rest leave for California :( However, it leaves a great excuse for a fun vacation come summer time!


I will definitely update the blog later on when I receive my actual diploma but I am now officially finished with my Master's Degree! The program didn't turn out to be what I was hoping for or wanting but I did have a few courses that I enjoyed. Most of all, I was glad to work on it with Emily! I can't imagine doing the program, without someone to talk (and complain) to! I am also looking forward to my raise :)


A couple months ago my digital camera finally went kapoot! For a while it was barely getting by. The lens kept jamming and wouldn't extend all the way. I had asked for Target giftcards for my birthday and was saving up to get a new camera. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted at the time but knew I wanted a really good camera. The days of a cheap camera were over! I sort of wanted a DSLR camera but wasn't sure if I wanted something that big or heavy duty because obviously I'm not a professional or taking large amounts of pictures. Well, Nikon just came out with a new compact camera that fits my wants! I found it right before Thanksgiving and kept waiting for it to goon a good sale. I had my fingers crossed for Black Friday but it never went on much of a sale. Finally, over break we decided to just go for it and I love it!!