Pretty much my whole life I have not liked to wear socks to bed. I also don't even like my feet covered up. They always stick out from the blankets, which Clint hates. I always sneak and try to pull the blankets off his feet! Anyways, lots of times I get into bed wearing socks, just to take them off minutes later. I'm usually cold and lazy when I first get in bed, so I take them off with my feet. Then I casually kick them over to Clint's side so I don't have to feel them! Then of course he kicks them back over or worse, he pulls them out from under the blanket and puts them in my face! How rude! 
Well I got tired of him rubbing them up my nose, so I started sneaking them under his pillow after I took them off. This was perfect because once he is all settled into bed, he usually puts his hands under his pillow and ta da! Smelly socks! I think a few years ago I actually had a good streak of getting several socks under his pillow before he 5 or 6! Well he was always trying to pull one over on me so I devised a plan! One night when he was brushing his teeth, I stuck one of my stinky dress shoes under his pillow! I got in bed and could hardly contain myself. Of course I was giggling and he kept asking what I was laughing about. Finally he gave up and said goodnight. Then I waited....then he stuck his hands under his pillow. He pulled the shoe out and I just about died from laughing! The back of his pillow was so stinky! He even changed his pillow case! Luckily we're two lovebirds and he thought it was funny  :)

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