Life Lately - in pictures

As usual with the beginning of the year, I am busy with general life things mixed in with school stuff! I figured I would just update our life for the last couple weeks/months in pictures because, duh. I take a lot of pictures :)


always at Menards or Lowes

Hands up on the hills!!

mmm caterpillar donuts!

smiles xoxo

ready to go down his ramp!

he loves to follow daddy around when he mows

He has always been a good grocery cart sleeper!

popsicle lover

he still loves his ABC book from grandma

relaxing on the porch swing/bed
sunning on one of our last trips to the pool

somehow this little worm sneaks into our bed with all his friends

picnic dinner


he loves puzzles!

popcorn and a show

Parker and Clint play puppies a lot...with ears too!

ice cream date

transportation city!

his first gymnastics class

he loves this truck crane from Home Goods

Panera for breakfast

He is so cool. 
I'll be back with another update in videos!

Zoe Marie

Tuesday night we had to put our baby girl Zoe to sleep. We are pretty upset about losing her because she was the sweetest girl! She was so playful & energetic and mobbed you with love and kisses as soon as you walked in the door. She loved to play and was always ready to go outside. She slept in the weirdest positions and places and ate nearly everything in sight (even inedible things). She was the cutest puppy turned into giant lap dog. 

She will also always be Parker's first best friend. 

We love you sweet Zoe Marie!