Reality Check

I posted before about my little obsessions...and reality tv has kind of found it's way into my tv obsession. Enjoy my analyzation:

American Idol
Simon Cowell said this season was the girls' season. However, the first 3 eliminated were girls! HA! My top 3 (in no order, because I can't decide):

Casey James...he is a really good guitar player and has a cool voice.

Lee DeWyze...another guitar rocker with a cool voice. Cute too!

Crystal Bowersox...guitar playing. BUT a GIRL!

I have never watched Survivor and was never really interested...but the commercials this year kind of enticed me to watch...and I love it! However, Russell and Coach were pretty much the only 2 I knew, from commercials, and I can't stand them so I naturally decided to vote for the Heros. They have disappointed :( But I think the ones voted off weren't that great except for James, but he was hurt. I really hope Russell gets voted off this week. Of all the villians I actually like Jerry and Boston Rob (a little). I really hope Colby stays!!

Amazing Race
This is a reality show that I have watched for three seasons now. The first season I watched was awesome. Last season's, not so much. This year is better but still not quite as good. Here are the teams I am gunning for:

Father and Daughter, Steve and Allie

They haven't really done anything spectacular but I like them.

Brothers, Dan and Jordan aka "Bro"

After last seasons ridiculous brother team, I was really hesitant to cheer for them. However, they work as a team and are funny, which Sam and Dan did not do. I was actually cheering for the Big Brother team, but they already lost :(

I watched the 2nd season but haven't seen any since then. There are a lot of really famous people this year instead of just 3, so I decided to tune in. Here are my top 3:

Chad Ochocinco...Cheryl is my fave pro dancer!

Evan Lysacek

Erin Andrews...oops. That's just Maks...why I am voting for Erin! But also because she is a sportscaster on ESPN...what I wanted to do in Jr. High. So here she is:

Any personal thoughts??? :)

Spring Break!

My spring break is halfway over...and I have gotten a lot done! After school Friday I decided that I didn't want to put off my grading until the last minute, so I jumped in and graded almost everything I brought home (which actually wasn't that much!). Then I decided to start right in on my college homework, which was a internet scavenger hunt (a webquest basically). That kept me up til 1 in the morning! Exciting start to my spring break, I know!

Saturday Clint and I spent the day together :) We ran some errands and saw Bounty Hunter. It was pretty good. Sunday was an adventure! Lindsay bought an old orange truck out in BFE of Martinsville. I'm sure she may blog about it sometime. Loooong story short, she bought it and 5 miles later it died on 37. The sheriff's almost impounded it because she didn't sign the title or have plates. She had to have it towed probably 20some miles. It rested in the driveway for a couple hours to just start right up!

Monday I woke up at 7am to go to the dentist. Fun, I know! Then I headed to Bloomington to hang out with Amy and George. We played tennis which was really fun. Picked up some mosaic glass to work on 2 projects for teachers I work with.

Tuesday I hung flyers for Clint, took the dog for a walk, went to the gym, and played tennis with Clint (who sadly is not as good as Roger Federer). Today I passed out some more flyers and signed up at LA Fitness. Hopefully I will go to the gym more often and have workout buddies! Then I hung out at home for a while while the fence people finally showed up!! The posts are in and hopefully the fence will be up tomorrow! I had planned to go line dancing with Jessica but when we got there, there was a sign for 3 bands...Nashville Pu**y was the headline band! We decided to head over to McCallisters for some more PG fun!

The rest of my break will be filled with mosaic making and planning for my garden at school. I asked my principal if we could make a garden and I got the ok! I can't wait to start it! Finally, I will be relaxing...getting ready for the last part of the school year!