Math Night!

Tonight the 2nd grade put on a Family Math Night! It was really exciting to see so many kids bring their families for some popcorn and fun games! We had around 90 people show up for an hour of fun! The kids and parents both seemed to really enjoying playing games together. I know a lot of our families have a hard time spending time together with their hectic work schedules and single parenting roles but it was really fun to see them all having fun!


Well I am nearly finished packing for our camping trip to Spring Mill. We have been camping at Spring Mill for 6 or 7 years in a row now. It is beautiful campground with lots of fun caves to explore and lots of great trails. Last year we went camping a few weeks after we got Zoe and Clint said no to bringing her. This year she gets to go! I know she is going to love it! I had to take her to the vet yesterday because she was having a lot of green pus cmoing out of her eyes...well the vet said she has pink eye! Yuck! But it doesn't seem to bother her so we're taking her anyways!

This year is a much smaller group. We usually go with Mike and Betsy and Amy and 5 or more other people. This weekend it will just be Clint and Me, Mike and Betsy, and Lindsay and Ange. We should have lots of fun though! Especially because Lindsay isn't much of an outdoors person so I know she will be funny to be around, all bundled up!

I hope that the rain holds off...the forecast called for 40% rani tonight but none the rest of the weekend...I'm hoping for the 60% no rain!

To All My Fans...

Sheesh! My fans are so demanding! Some people have busy lives and cannot write new blogs on a whim. Sorry to disappoint you all but this is going to be a quick blog. I have some good ones in mind but I have a lot of things to do tonight.

Yesterday I joined Clint at our rental house. Nicole (business partner's wife) and I decided that we were going to pull down the wallpaper border that was up from probably 1970. Well that task took us a little less than an hour. So the rest of the time I played with Zoe and bugged Clint. Nicole had also brought their little lab, Willis, with them and Zoe was so excited! They raced all over the house for almost 2 hours. Well this morning Zoe was limping all over the house. She didn't ever wimper or whine she just didn't walk on one of her back legs. Clint thought that maybe she had something in her paw from the house, since it is pretty messy. I looked at her paw and she had a big piece of the skin on her biggest pad peeled away. Poor baby! Well this was right about the time Clint and I both needed to leave, so I quickly googled what to do. Everywhere said to just leave it alone and that it would heal in time. Whew. After school today I got home and it looks like she has chewed off the little piece that was hanging off. It doesn't seem to bother her much except when she's running around. Hopefulyl it will be better soon.

As many of you also now, I post projects for my classroom on this awesome website called DonorsChoose. I have completed enough projects to have earned 8 points to my acct. To post most projects you have to have 1-2 points in your acct. You earn more points by writing thank you letters, confiming your project in time, and taking pictures. I decided that I wanted to write a new project to purchase everything for a new class pet, since my first try at a class pet failed. Because this is a special project it requires 6 points. I really hope I get funded since it requires so many of my hard earned points! I am in the process of writing the project titled, The Life of a Tortoise. Once I completed the draft and it is accepted I will post a link for you all to share with others!

Well, I need to go plan, grade, and watch Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU.

Thank you for your needs.

Zoe's New Workout Plan

So a few months back mom decided she wanted to get rid of her treadmill. I had a membership to a gym but wasn't getting there very often with my younger sister and workout partner moving away, so I asked if I could have it. Well it sat in the garage for almost 2 months because we had no real space for it upstairs. Well we finally rearranged everything with the purchase of 2 new desks and made room for it in an extra bedroom.

After setting it all up, I decided to see how it worked. As soon as you turn it on it makes this loud beeping noise. Zoe went crazy with that noise! Then she started attacking the treadmill! Watch for yourselves.

Moral to the story: Dogs don't want to exercise at home. They want to go for a walk.