Beckham - Four Months

Beckham is four months old today! He has definitely entered the regular baby longer a newborn. 

Parker was helping me to try to get Beckham to smile :)

Beckham was more interested in getting the giraffe!

Measurements: I updated about this yesterday, but I'll add it here real quick too. He weighed 14lb 12oz last Wednesday, so I would bet that he is a solid 15 pounds now! That is about one pound up from last month. He was 25 inches long which is the same as at 3 months. So in this past month he hasn't grown much which I definitely had noticed since he grew so much the first 2-3 months. He is still in a size 2 diaper but as soon as this pack runs out, I am switching up to size 3. Leaks are no fun, especially when they are of the number 2 variety!

Milestones: Last month he was able to roll over just barely, and now he does it much more regularly. He would rather inch around though when he's on his belly. I will start him facing one way and in the middle of the blanket. Then several minutes later he is off the edge of the blanket facing almost the opposite direction. 

He discovered his feet the other day and this morning wouldn't let go because he realized he could grab them finally! I love this discovery except now he has a hard time napping because all he wants to do is play with his toes!

In the last week or so he has been trying so hard to roll onto his belly! He can turn his head and arms over so far but he can flip his hips yet! And I'm sure once he does, he will realize that he doesn't want on his belly! 

He is getting closer to being able to sit up; I hope it's in the next month! He's just too heavy :) but he tries so hard!

His grip and eye coordination are improving a lot too. He can get his toys and pacifier to his mouth really well and then he can really work up a good slobbery mess. He loves to chew!

Schedule: His schedule is again almost the same as last month's. Except he has hit the 4 month sleep regression bad. The last two weeks he has been up mostly 3 times a night and usually he has one time where he wakes up and is just upset and screams or cries. He has been a little fussier at dinner time too, so I'm wondering if he just needs an extra feed in the evening to stock up for the night. I may try that tomorrow. He keeps busting out of his swaddle too which isn't really too terrible because if he can roll over, he can't be swaddled anyways. Just when I thought he would start sleeping through the night, he went the other way. Hopefully he'll get over this hump and sleep better soon. 

Parker loves to take pictures around the house when he finds the camera and he took these cute shots today :)

In other news, we leave for California Saturday morning and we're excited! Parker can't wait to go and I know my mom and stepdad are excited to see the kids! Hopefully the plane ride goes smooth!

Beckham - 17 Weeks

This happy baby boy is 17 weeks old now! He will officially be a 4 month old tomorrow! Last Wednesday at his dr. appointment he weighed 14 pounds 12 ounces and measured 25 inches long. His weight comes in just under the 50% tile (which means just over 50% of babies are bigger than him at this age) which is surprising to me! I feel like he is so chunky but apparently 50% of babies are chunkier! His height is just over the 50th percentile. That is also a little strange because a  lot of his 3-6 month clothes are getting tight lengthwise. How do the longer babies fit in their clothes?!

Likes  - playing with toys, chewing everything, being tickled, sitting up

Dislikes - being tired, dinner time

What's New in the Last Week - His skin is pretty similar to Parker's in that he is very dry and splotchy, except that is has been getting worse. So I moved up his 4 month appointment to last week. The Dr. said to use hydrocortisone for a bit to calm it down and then just plain lotion. It seemed to help quite a bit but it flares up too and looks so bad. He's been a little more fussy lately so I don't know if that's why. I can imagine so.

He also has slept like crap this last week. He was usually waking 2 times a night, occasionally 1. This last week he has woken 3-4 times. Sometimes just to screech and cry. Hopefully this gets back on track soon! Especially since we leave for California on Saturday!

He has also definitely entered the phase of wanting to hold or play things. He is no longer amused by just being talked to! Ha!

Apparently I didn't take many pictures in the last week! Although I did take several last weekend when we went camping but I was going to post those separately. 

Happy Wednesday!

Beckham - 16 Weeks

Likes: being tickled, sitting up, stroller rides

Dislikes: napping more than a half hour

What's New in the Last Week: He is kinda able to sit up in the Boppy pillow...he does a semi lean or sometimes can lean forward like a little tripod. He has also gotten really good at putting his pacifier in his mouth as well as pulling it out! 

I made a shopping cart hammock and he seemed to enjoy being surrounded by all the groceries!

I have to pull the double pacifier trick these days...a regular one for him to suck on and the Wubbanub to hold...or lay on his face.

Camp Trip

Yesterday morning Beckham woke up at 5:30. Since it was too early for Parker (and me) to wake up, I brought Beckham to my room to feed him so Parker wouldn't wake. Well, about 15 minutes later Parker came in and crawled up in bed. I had just laid Beckham on my chest to sleep for just a bit longer so I tried to lay still and quiet so Parker would fall back asleep. Instead he snuggled me and we whispered about random things...while I of course would have liked to go back to sleep, sometimes these are the moments I'm glad that I get to stay home this year. 

One of the things we were whispering about was our plans for the day. Usually when I ask what he wants to do, he says "play" as if I didn't already know that! Clint had evening plans already so I knew I would be with the boys all day and night. To break up the routine, I tried to think of something out of the ordinary. First I though we could head up to Lake Michigan but when I saw the weather forecast had rain in it and I thought about a 3 hour drive...I said nope. Then I thought about how I had mentioned to Clint that I wanted to go camping this fall but we didn't think there was time because we have a busy October. So I asked Parker if he wanted to go camping and of course he instantly said "YES!" We went once last fall and he mostly remembers it. He loves the outdoors and hiking and tents, so I knew it would be fun.

So we got out of bed just before 7 and had breakfast and made our to-do list. First I cleaned the house up, loaded the dishwasher, and started some laundry. I couldn't leave the house a mess if we were taking off on a trip! Then we got dressed and pulled out the camp gear that we'd need. Then we were off to Meijer to get some camp food! We got everything packed up and headed to McCormick's Creek before 11!

Since Parker woke up pretty early, he fell asleep on the way down there...and I was glad since we would probably stay up late and do lots of things. I didn't want him getting cranky!

We pulled into out campsite right about noon. I asked if he wanted to eat lunch first our put up the tent. He was all about putting up the tent! Luckily Beckham was still asleep! Parker was a really good helper with the tent and we had it up in under 15 minutes! Then we blew up the air mattress, made the bed, and got out the rest of our supplies. Then we had lunch and Beckham woke up.

As I fed Beckham, Parker explored our site and collected sticks for our fire later. We hung out for a little bit and then Parker was ready to go hiking! 

We headed out just a little bit and I reminded Parker that if he got tired I couldn't carry him since I had Beckham in the carrier. So of course 2 steps later he said he was tired and his legs hurt! Oh lord. Well I convinced him to walk a little more and we found a huge staircase down to a creek. All of sudden Mr. Tired Legs was full of energy and zipped down the stairs! I'm not kidding when I say there was probably 100 steps. We reached the creek and Parker wanted to walk across on the rocks. So we did that and then came back. He zipped up those stairs so fast! So much for being tired. Buuuuut of course once we reached the top he was tired again. 

I managed to get him back to camp without falling apart! We stopped at the bathroom and I ran into my only real problem with camping solo...going to the bathroom. HA! 

 Later we started our fire and Parker was super excited about that! To make this trip easy, I bought some Duraflame logs. Srsly, who has time to start a fire from scratch with 2 kids??  We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and they were scrumptious!

Beckham went to bed about 7:30 and minus one little crying fit when we tried to cook our popcorn, he was a breeze on this trip! 

So we bought one of those popcorns that you can cook on your stovetop. First I forgot to take the cardboard off. Second the baby started crying. And last, it caught on fire. So the popcorn was burnt :( This was the only thing that brought tears on the trip and I'm pretty impressed! He only cried a second and then he saw a few kernals pop once we opened it up! We both tried one and instantly spit it out! Bleck!

Once it got dark, Parker was so excited, yet again! He turned on our 2 lanterns, put on his headlamp, and went back to looking around the camp. We sat around the campfire for a little bit and then he said "I'm ready for bed!" Anyone that knows Parker knows that he isn't one to go to bed! I tried to convince him to sit with me by the fire for a bit but he was set on going into the tent and getting on our jammies. So we did. 

I thought it would be much cooler once it got dark but it was still pretty warm. I had originally put Beckham in a sleeper and his swaddle but he was sweating! So he slept in just a sleeper on top of a blanket in his rock and play. Parker had some warm jammies and I had planned to wear my warm socks, pants, and two shirts. Well, I was too hot once we got in bed so I just wore a tank top instead of an extra shirt. 

Beckham slept pretty well for being out in a tent. He went to bed about 7:30 and woke up at 1 and 5. At 1 it was a little chilly so I put his swaddle back on him and he fell right to sleep after I fed him. At 5, he had one hand busted out of the swaddle and it was cold but his head was warm. I fed him again and he went back to bed. I snuggled up to Parker and we slept til about 7. 

Once Parker pried me out of the tent, we started a fire and had breakfast. Once Beckham woke up at about 8:15 we hung out for a bit then started cleaning and packing up. 

Once the ride home I could tell Parker was tired! He went to bed about 7:45 tonight so I'd say our trip was a fun success! I'm so glad we went!

Beckham - 15 Weeks

Likes: chatting, chewing, slobbering

Dislikes: staying up too late, not napping in his bed

What's New in the Last Week: He slept through the night once! I am really looking forward to him moving into this stage! I felt like he slept a lot early on but he has kindo f kept the same sleep pattern since then. Still wakes twice a night most nights...around 1-2 and 4-5. I will take a full night of sleep and wake up at 6 Mr. Beckham - get on it!