Fall Trip to California

For fall break, Clint, Parker, and I took a trip to California to visit my mom and step dad. We went to the beach twice, checked out IKEA, went to the park, and played!

 Our flight left at 6 am so we let Parker sleep in his clothes for the plane so we wouldn't have to mess with getting him dressed! He slept for the first 2 hours and then we had a short layover on Phoenix. The second flight was slightly delayed once we boarded so he chowed down on an apple and a bazillion other snacks! He was so good on the plane though!

He loved my mom's dog Luna.

playing with grandpa

sitting in timeout...this is my "oh jeez" look 

We visited an auto museum and got to see the Batmobile!

His favorite spot at mom's is the big window seat!

Getting sleepy at the beach!

We went to the dog beach so he enjoyed seeing all the dogs run around like crazbos!

Dancing to Mickey Mouse.

showing off the boots grandma made

just lounging

feeding the ducks and HUGE koi at the Japanese Gardens

chilly water!

building a sand castle

He loved playing with the bubbles.

He also enjoyed the water table...and flicking water everywhere!

He liked walking Luna.

checking out the tide pools at Laguna Beach

breakfast by the window

too cool for Cali

He loved Mercury...except when he got a bite!

We made sure that he didn't take a nap before getting to the airport...so he was pretty tired before we got on the plane! But it worked out because he took a nice long nap!

We had a bunch of fun but recovering from a trip was much harder this time! Boy do toddlers need a schedule and naps!

18 Months

Our little man is 18 months old today! 

Parker is saying more words everyday and becoming so funny! I love that his character is developing and it couldn't be cuter! He is so adventurous and curious and loves climbing and running around like a mad man! He is such a chatterbox and loves to mimic nearly everything we do. He loves his dog and kitty  and pretty much all other animals as well as the dead bugs that he might find in the window sill. 

In the last month we've had fun at the museum...

Had a picnic at Ellis Park...

Helped daddy wash his truck...

Took a wagon ride that resulted in Parker getting carried most of the way...

Laid down in various places...

Celebrated mommy's birthday...

Carried the kitty...

Went to the apple orchard and got two pumpkins...

Hung out with Zoe...

Cuddled Lucy when he was sick...

Had lots of fun in the bath...

Started working on potty training...

And had lots of fun!