Beckham - 20 Weeks

Beckham is 20 weeks old today!

Likes: watching Parker (and everything around him), laughing at Parker, smiling at everyone, toys

Dislikes: staying awake when he's ready for a nap

What's New in the Last Week: He hit 16 pounds and he can sit for a short amount of time (10-30 seconds) if his hands are on the ground.


 We had our pictures takes yesterday by Nikki Rae and I am so excited to get them back soon!! We had such a fun time and I know she got some good ones!

Beckham - 18 & 19 Weeks

I had planned on blogging while we were in California but just didn't around to it. So here are pictures for last week and this week:

Like: watching Parker (all the time now!), being tickled, playing with toys (especially the oball - since it's easy to grasp)

Dislikes: sleeping at night for more than 2 hours ;)

What's New in the Last Week: He had his first flight which went really well! He had his first trip to California which also went really well!

Yesterday he weighed 15lb 10oz! He's gained almost a pound in 2 weeks. That's probably because he hasn't been sleeping as well at night and is waking more often to eat! He's packing on the weight!

sleepy pants
Parker soothing Mr. Grumpy Pants
cutest baby sweater

Beckham's legs are getting long!
yucky rash...both boys have very sensitive skin
so precious when sleeping


He loves his feet!

morning snuggles

He's started noticing the pets!