Summer Break - Week #2

I know I am a week behind but that's summer living for you! No schedule! But also, no memory of what we did!

Monday and Tuesday we went to story time at the Avon and Brownsburg library with Jennifer & Ady. He really enjoys going to those and being around the other kids.

We went to the park by the Avon Town Hall which was ok...Parker likes to always climb the tallest part of the playground and this one was not built for a two year old. He did have a lot of fun running through the rest of the playground though.

Wednesday...hmm. I have no idea what we did. I went line dancing that evening which is always fun!

Thursday I met Jennifer at the indoor playground at a church in Plainfield. Parker had fun but it was a little small for having a bunch of older kids (and I really only mean 8-10 year olds). 

Friday I tutored a couple kids that live behind me so Clint took Parker to SkyZone. He was not really feeling it but we ran into Mike & Betsy (and Griffin) so we hung out by them and then we all went to BW3s for lunch. 

Saturday was nothing in particular, just lots of playing and hanging out.

Sunday we had lunch with my dad for Father's Day and then we went to Mike & Jennifer's house for a big cookout! The kids had tons of fun swimming with their daddies, being pulled in the wagon, and generally running amok!

Currently we are in Myrtle Beach and I'll post about that on Monday!

Spring Pictures

Right after Parker turned two we had some new family pictures taken. We used Nikki Rae Photography (Facebook & Website) and we were really happy! 

We went to Anderson Apple Orchard in Mooresville and we found a spot at the back near a pond. Now that we've been there in the spring I kind of wished we had waited until the fall because there wasn't really any pretty spring blossoms or anything and I can just picture the trees in lots of nice colors! I will just remember this for our next photo session.

So many good pictures to choose from! Is it ok to print all of them and hang them in every room?? 

Obviously I have to show a few that crack me up:

He was smelling the flowers but right as she snapped the photo he started to sneeze!


Typical Us

This was meant to be a sweet picture but has AWKWARD written all over it! We don't do

another very awkward pose with the arms although it's very cute how Parker is holding on to Clint's arm
Definitely some great pictures and I would love to use Nikki again!

Summer Break - Week #1

Last week was my first week of summer vacation! We had great weather and lots of fun!

Monday we went to story time at the Avon library. Jennifer took the kids to at least one story time a week at various libraries during the year so I let her keep signing Parker up! I like that he gets to socialize with other kids and it's fun to go to! After we went to the library we stopped in at the park in Avon and played until it started to sprinkle. Then Parker and I headed to Pizza King (choo choo pizza). Then Parker took a three and a half hour nap! Apparently I wore him out on our first day off!

What better way to start vacation than with two bowls of cereal?!

lovin on Lucy
Enjoying the songs & dancing at story time

Tuesday we met the girls on my team for lunch to celebrate Augusta's & Melissa's birthdays! Then we had popsicles and Parker invented his own popsicle holder from our firewood. 

his personal popsicle holder

Wednesday we went to the neighborhood pool and swam! It was so nice to not have to clean or maintain the pool...I could just relax! Parker had the toddler pool to himself and the weather was perfect!

snazzy new swim shorts
Thursday we went to Hummel Park in Plainfield! We played on the playground & splash pad. Then we had a picnic and played at the creek!

Clint's job is on four ten hour days so he is off on Fridays this summer! Last Friday he finished up the fence so Parker and I met Jennifer and Ady at Skyzone in Plainfield. He had so much fun jumping!

Over the weekend we played outside, got a haircut, ate popsicles, went to some garage sales, played at the pool, and took some nice naps!

Sure! Let's have a picnic in the garage!

fresh hair cut!
He loves brushing his teeth with his new powered Spiderman toothbrush!

I also had one school related job I wanted to do this summer: level my classroom library! I managed to get it all done in the first week since he napped pretty well! I wasn't looking forward to lugging all my books home but I was glad to do it from home instead of going into my classroom. I didn't count how many books I had but let's just say it was A LOT! Parker obviously helped look through them!

I'd say that was an awesome way to start summer vacation!