Finally! An Update!

Life has been crazy busy at our house the last month or so! We decided to take our pool out so Clint has been working on that all the stinking time! We hired someone to do it, but he was a bust so Clint has put in a billion hours to try and get it done! It is finally done as of yesterday!! We even have some grass already growing! Our new fence will be here next Friday and then it will go up!  I may do a big update on that whole mess of a project later.




We also did a mini bedroom/closet makeover! We had some built in wall speaker that I wanted taken out but that meant drywall work, which Clint hates. So we decided to take them out and put up a plank wall! So last weekend we stained all the boards in about two hours. Then Clint decided on making five cuts for each row and got them all cut in a little over an hour. Then it took him about two hours total to hang them all! It looks great! I need to do some touch up painting and he is going to install the outlets. But I love it! 

(pardon the terrible picture)

We also took out the standard row of shelving in our closet and made two rows on each side and the back wall currently has our ladder bookshelves. Clint will make some built-in shelves when he has some down time. There is so much more room now!

Parker is pretty much obsessed with the outdoors! As soon as we get home everyday we have to play outside for what seems like forever!

He loves his tricycle, his big truck, his wagon, his water table, his slide, and his wheelbarrow among a boatload of other outdoor activities. He is also obsessed with going on bike rides now that he has a cool bike trailer to ride in!

School is over this week so I have been super busy with planning my last assessments, awards, end of the year activities, and trying to clean up my room while still thinking about things I want to do next year! It's a vicious cycle!

We have several fun things planned this summer already and I'm sure we'll add some more! Clint & I are thinking about going to Dale Hollow over 4th of July weekend, I am going to Santa Cruz, California to see my sisters and cousins, my mom will be out here for a week to visit, and Clint and I want to take Parker to the beach for a 3 or 4 day mini vacay! We don't have any major projects going on around here for the rest of the summer so we hope to relax and enjoy the neighborhood pool this cleaning or maintaining!

I'll leave you with a few more fun pics of my main squeeze:

Mother's Day...he was being a goon

shaving with daddy

his first roasted marshmallow...he didn't like it

giving Lucy treats

hanging out with Zoe

the hat he made

driving around the neighborhood

snuggling Lucy

eating his snack in daddy's van

his relaxed pose

he loves his animals