Spider Cat


Max loves to climb on top of the monitor of the computer. It's one of his favorite hiding spots from Zoe too.

Blue Friday

Every year on Thanksgiving my sister and mom always come over and we peruse the Black Friday ads. Last year we were without Mom. This year was a little depressing being all alone. Clint and I had thought about going out but we looked through the ads and didn't see anything we had to have so we slept in. It sure stinks not having your closest family members around that much.

10 Long Months

Clint moved to a new job site today. He is working downtown at the Chase Tower for the next 10 months. However, he is working night shift :( He is working from 6:00 - 2:30 which means I get to see him from 3:30 - 4:45 every day. This week I already won't see him Tuesday because of a school meeting and Wednesday I have a dentist appointment. It's going to be a long 10 months. Luckily he will be home when I have days off and vacation! He is also making more money because he is foreman in addition to the extra money for night shift. Hopefully it won't be that bad and it will go fast!

Choo Chooo!

When Clint and I got married he brought a train set with him. For the last three Christmases he has wanted to set it up around the tree. Zoe however loves to chase/tackle/demolish/eat anything that moves without her permission. Well, we decided that Zoe was now mature enough that she wouldn't chase the train. We were mostly right!

Worn Out

We had Clint's family over tonight for Thanksgiving. We spent all day doing cleaning and getting ready. Zoe helped us do all our chores. There were a little over 20 people over and Zoe had lots of fun. She behaved herself very well but tonight she is beat!


We have been trying to introduce the dog and kitties more and more lately. It gets better every time but they are still having some issues. The dog is over excited to play with them and she keeps trying to poke them to death with her nose and then the cats hiss and growl and finally proceed to try to scratch her. They usually end up scratching me instead.

The other day I was holding Max and he didn't realize that Zoe was right behind him and she licked his butt a couple times before he realized it! Tonight Zoe was able to sniff Lucy for several seconds! Progress people!

Moving Things Around

Clint's parents got a new couch so they decided to give us their sectional. We have been wanting a new couch for a while (since Zoe decided to eat bits and pieces of ours). Well we went and got it today. It was SO heavy!! Even though it was three parts! 


 So we moved our current furniture upstairs into the office area. Now it isn't so plain and empty. It also offers more space when we have people over.

We aren't so happy though with the new couch :( The setup just doesn't fit the size/shape of our family room. It also makes the room way too light colored for me! So we are debating what to do. I am looking online for a slipcover for now and this is the layout we have for now. It took us about an hour and a half to figure something out!

**I wrote this on Sunday but was having issues with uploading pictures on my tablet, so we've had a couple days to adjust now. I still don't like it a whole lot but it's ok. We are definitely painting the family room soon though!


Zoe is a cheer, everyone knows that. However, did you know that she can chew an entire bone in one night? Every once in a while she leaves it alone (probably because she is staring at the cats) but she usually finishes it before bedtime. Super chewer!


Clint seems like a very serious person to anyone who doesn't know him well. However, don't let him fool you! He is actually very silly! My class is making turkeys tomorrow and Clint decided to wear one of the pilgrim hats!


In the old days, Peeps was a candy (or treat maybe?) reserved for Easter. Today though it can be found almost year round; pumpkins at Halloween snowmen and Christmas tree in the winter. I don't care what shape they are in, as long as I can buy them and eat them!

Jumping Kitties!

Max and Lucy's favorite toy is the mouse on a stick (the mouse is attached to a string). They love to chase it all over and the both are good jumpers. Lucy is the more aggressive kitten and she also is the better jumper. She can seriously jump about 2 feet high!

Words I Don't like

  1. panties...they are called underwear!!
  2. moist
  3. damp...don't know what it is about wet words, just makes me cringe
  4. totes...for some reason Lindsay started using this word and also for some reason it bugs me :)
  5. hmmm?..but only when said in a certain way ;)


I am obsessed with cereal. I always have been. For as long as I can remember, I have been eating cereal. For being picky, cereal is the one thing I love in many varieties. Granted, most aren't healthy ones but I love to eat cereal for any meal or snack!

Clint Sayings #2

Today when driving through Avon we saw several cop cars. When we drove into Meijer there was another cop and I didn't see it. Clint said "you can't see the cherries and berries?" For some reason I was cracking up!

Then we saw this:


(you might want to turn it up a little)

I am still feeding Max and Lucy wet kitty food once a day (in an effort to help them grow big!). When they see me bringing it up the stairs, they get a little crazy! They also like to let everyone know they have started eating!

Sleeping on the Job

Last Friday I had to go to Union Station for a technology conference. It was freezing in the morning so I wore a heavy coat. There was a coat check which I used so I wouldn't have to carry it everywhere. Well, when another girl and I went to get our coats to leave, we walked in to the coat check guy sleeping. We walked in and I instantly started laughing. But he didn't wake up! She stood there for a minute but I couldn't because I was laughing so hard. She finally lost it too and came out with me. I snapped a picture because he was STILL sleeping! We stood there a few minutes trying to figure out what to do, but finally she just went in. She was just going to get her own coat but he woke up when she got right next to him. He was so startled!

Kitchen Update

Clint randomly decided that tonight he was going to put in the three lights we bought a couple months ago. He hasn't installed them because he was going to wait until we put the bench seats in below the windows. Well his friend Mike came over and helped him get them put in! He also put the trim around the windows in. You'll notice one piece is missing because he bought 7 pieces after I told him to get 8. Alas, we went and bought the other piece tonight but he is putting it up tomorrow. I have to paint the trim and then it will be done. We are going to put in a bench seat under the windows next month when my mom and step dad come out (if they are staying a while). Then the kitchen will be all done! Unless we paint the cabinets white...
One picture is with the lights on and the other is with them on. I took the pictures with my new tablet but I'm not sure why there are checkered squares on the pics. It looks so good in person! I love it!!

Air Hockey

Clint's parents saw an air hockey table at Sam's Club and while back and thought it would make a great Christmas present. So lucky for us, we got an air hocke table and we got it early! Zoe has done nothing but lay underneath it since we finished it earlier. Clint and I had a ferocious inaugural match that I won!!! Woohoo! Clint beat me though 2 out of 3.


Clint has been working a jillion hours recently trying to finish up Walgreens and I have been busy with grading and college. We also have been doing lots of random things like painting and such. Usually I wash and fold laundry but Clint did a bunch. He does not however fold laundry because it turns into a mess! Once it starts to pile up, I start procrastinating even more! Thank goodness we don't really have any plans this weekend because this could take days!

True Love

You know when it's true live when your husband comes from work and helps you grade two weeks worth of first grade papers! (The flowers are actually from when I came from California.) I wish I had kept a.running commentary record because he was cracking me up! While grading he acts like he is talking to my students about their work! He is such a goob but definitely a keeper!


I love voting! I admit that when elections get close, I kind of get obsessed. I am not one of those people that talks politics or walks around announcing my views, but I do believe pretty strongly on several issues. So that is probably why I get so involved; I want to help change things that need changed. So, while I love voting, the results are not always good. And living in Indiana, the results are usually more bad than good. Maybe one day we'll move or the dumb people here will move away. Ha!


Everyone in my family knows that Clint can say some pretty ridiculous things and usually they are on accident. Which then makes them so much funnier!

Example #1 from tonight: We were leaving Meijer's parking lot and he spied a Camaro parked far away, which was also parked right next to another car. Clint got a door ding last week and so I told him to go park right next to it because it would be funny. We drove past it and there was a person sitting in the Camaro. I said, "Oooh, a drug deal!" Clint said "Nooo a secret meeting! Ooh lala! Like that time watched a menage a trois!" Me: "WTH??"

I knew what he meant but I was too busy dying to correct him! He then realized he meant to say Rendezvous.

Now you might be wondering what he was referencing. 1/ We did NOT watch a threesome. A couple years ago we were at Wal Mart in Camby. For some reason we were in the car and noticed two cars parked next to each other with people in one that were making out. We decided to spy on them because they were acting weird. We also decided to act out their conversation too. Then the lady got out of the man's car and into her own car. We made up a whole story about how they were cheaters leaving a rendezvous at a skeezy hotel and parting ways at the romantic Wal Mart parking lot.

He then said another hilarious thing but I can't remember at this moment. Stay tuned...

Naughty Kitties!

Max and Lucy are so nosy! Everytime I sit down to get on the computer they decide that it's time to sit on my lap. They also decide that they want to walk all over the keyboard! Go away!

Kitchen Halfway Done

Because I know that red paint can be tricky, I bought the paint with primer in it and that was definitely a good choice! There is one coat everywhere and only needs one more (and barely at that!). I bought an edger but it wasn't working very well so I am going to get a different brand one tomorrow; Menards didn't have the brand I wanted so I tried a different one. Bad idea. We are also going to put white trim around the windows instead of putting curtains back up because it made it a lot brighter and we liked it! Tomorrow it should be finished!

Another idea we had was to paint the cabinets white. What do you think?

Kitchen Painting

 I am going today to get paint for the kitchen. Currently all the walls in the house are a light tan/cream mix that I am not a big fan of. So, we are going to add some color! We are going to paint the walls red! I checked out some other pictures of red kitchens and like them a lot, so I guess we'll see how it turns out!

After the kitchen is painted, we are going to paint our bedroom, which is the only room in the house not the ugly tan-ish color. Instead, it's a tan-ish pink that reminds me of calamine lotion. Yuck!


A few weeks ago I started randomly watching this really cute documentary on polar bears called Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice. It was soo good! Polar bears have been one of my favorite animals since I was little. I'm not really a big bear fan in general (not that I dislike them either) but for some reason their little white faces and their giant padded paws are just so darn cute! 

 The documentary focused on two polar bear mothers making their way across the cold snowy terrain. Along the way, special cameras followed them. They were all white to blend in and made to get close and withstand playtime. One was round and rolled all around, one was built to float in the water, and one was more robotic-like and wandered all over the snow and ice. The documentary showed the struggles they have to go through but also how playful they are. 

So stinking cute!


See that look in his eyes? Pure addiction! Clint makes fun of me because I like to watch the show Intervention, but if he isn't careful, he is going to have one himself! Batman is not that important!
Ok. He isn't really that addicted, but when he does play, he has that look of not knowing what else is going on around him!

Movie Night

Last night Clint and I had a movie date night. Regal does discount prices on Tuesday in addition to $2 popcorn! Double Score! Ever since I saw the preview for the movie Real Steel, I have been waiting to see this movie! Don't worry about feeling bad if you laughed at me, because several people already have! But, whatever! I really like Hugh Jackman and for some reason a movie about boxing robots just sounded good :)

And as a matter-of-fact, it was really good! It had a few dorky moments (and not dorky robot moments - dorky emotional moments!) but overall, I loved it!

Clifty Falls

Over Fall Break, Clint and I went camping with a couple friends. We stayed Friday and Saturday night at Clifty falls State Park. It's name comes from the many waterfalls that are inside the park. There are at least three large waterfalls that I know of (and have seen) but there are also many mini falls throughout the park as well. It was a little chilly at night but with a double high queen air mattress and lots and lots of blankets Clint and I were snuggly warm in the tent! I love camping!