Kitchen Update

Clint randomly decided that tonight he was going to put in the three lights we bought a couple months ago. He hasn't installed them because he was going to wait until we put the bench seats in below the windows. Well his friend Mike came over and helped him get them put in! He also put the trim around the windows in. You'll notice one piece is missing because he bought 7 pieces after I told him to get 8. Alas, we went and bought the other piece tonight but he is putting it up tomorrow. I have to paint the trim and then it will be done. We are going to put in a bench seat under the windows next month when my mom and step dad come out (if they are staying a while). Then the kitchen will be all done! Unless we paint the cabinets white...
One picture is with the lights on and the other is with them on. I took the pictures with my new tablet but I'm not sure why there are checkered squares on the pics. It looks so good in person! I love it!!

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  1. The kitchen is looking so good! The bench seats will be good for Christmas! Lots of space for everyone.