Kitchen Halfway Done

Because I know that red paint can be tricky, I bought the paint with primer in it and that was definitely a good choice! There is one coat everywhere and only needs one more (and barely at that!). I bought an edger but it wasn't working very well so I am going to get a different brand one tomorrow; Menards didn't have the brand I wanted so I tried a different one. Bad idea. We are also going to put white trim around the windows instead of putting curtains back up because it made it a lot brighter and we liked it! Tomorrow it should be finished!

Another idea we had was to paint the cabinets white. What do you think?


  1. Painting the cabinets would definitely make it brighter. I'm not a big fan of painting cabinets unless they are junkie so I don't know. Either way it would be fine I think.

  2. I would totally paint the cabinets -- the guys next door (when we were in the condos in Bloomington) took theirs off and brought them to an auto painter and had them sprayed - which might make a good finish. They also got them sprayed inside and out - so that's an option --