Everyone in my family knows that Clint can say some pretty ridiculous things and usually they are on accident. Which then makes them so much funnier!

Example #1 from tonight: We were leaving Meijer's parking lot and he spied a Camaro parked far away, which was also parked right next to another car. Clint got a door ding last week and so I told him to go park right next to it because it would be funny. We drove past it and there was a person sitting in the Camaro. I said, "Oooh, a drug deal!" Clint said "Nooo a secret meeting! Ooh lala! Like that time watched a menage a trois!" Me: "WTH??"

I knew what he meant but I was too busy dying to correct him! He then realized he meant to say Rendezvous.

Now you might be wondering what he was referencing. 1/ We did NOT watch a threesome. A couple years ago we were at Wal Mart in Camby. For some reason we were in the car and noticed two cars parked next to each other with people in one that were making out. We decided to spy on them because they were acting weird. We also decided to act out their conversation too. Then the lady got out of the man's car and into her own car. We made up a whole story about how they were cheaters leaving a rendezvous at a skeezy hotel and parting ways at the romantic Wal Mart parking lot.

He then said another hilarious thing but I can't remember at this moment. Stay tuned...

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  1. Bwhahahaha. Ange and I are laying in bed cracking up! So funny. He always says the goofiest things.

    Also, the fact that you spied on some people in a parking lot is hiiiiilarious.