A few weeks ago I started randomly watching this really cute documentary on polar bears called Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice. It was soo good! Polar bears have been one of my favorite animals since I was little. I'm not really a big bear fan in general (not that I dislike them either) but for some reason their little white faces and their giant padded paws are just so darn cute! 

 The documentary focused on two polar bear mothers making their way across the cold snowy terrain. Along the way, special cameras followed them. They were all white to blend in and made to get close and withstand playtime. One was round and rolled all around, one was built to float in the water, and one was more robotic-like and wandered all over the snow and ice. The documentary showed the struggles they have to go through but also how playful they are. 

So stinking cute!

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  1. I love polar bears too! I'll have to try to watch it. Too cute! : )