17 Months

P-Man is 17 months already! Time flies when little boys are busy and getting into everything! 

Parker loves to climb everything in this house! He has also developed a love for running! I love watching him wiggle back and forth when he runs...it is pretty funny. He is learning new words everyday! Here are some new ones:
*YoYo (for ZoZo - Zoe's nickname)
*Ratroon (racoon)
*occasionally peas (please)

He can say a few phrases/thoughts:
*My mama and dada (when he sees our pictures)
*My bubbles
*Byebye kitty or byebye room or byebye bubbles (he actually tells everything byebye now)

He is also doing well with responding to questions by shaking his head yes or no. It isn't always correct when he answers yes but he sure knows the word no! When he nods yes it is too cute because he nods very slowly and it is very exaggerated.

he likes my glasses

He ran upstairs and when I went to check on him, he was just sitting there!

stone cold

fishing king

This is what happens when daddy is the only one home.

He loves "hugging" Lucy...aka smashing her.


ready for gymnastics

We also are prepping for potty training! He has had a potty for a while now and we bought some undies! We have used potty language and he seems to somewhat understand some. He also has gone potty on the floor a couple times when he was running naked after bath and he came and got me saying 'uh oh' and then he ran and pointed. He also wants to wipe himself when we change his diaper. So over fall break, we are going all in! I'll be sure to report back...because I am sure everyone is so excited to hear ;) 

Someone had a stomach bug today and has a very bad diaper rash so we tried out the new undies tonight because they were soft on his buns and let some air in.

he loves his finger puppets

feeling the breeze while we were waiting in the car

someone likes closing doors and waiting for you to get him...so I decided to see what he was doing!

Summer Fun

He's getting good at climbing the rock wall!

This kid is crazy for corn on the cob!

He enjoys riding in the cart...especially when he has a seat of tile.

Watching football with Hilary.

Pull ups with grandma.

snuggled up with Mr. Bear

first trip to Pizza King

hanging outside

He likes to lay in weird places.