Beckham - Ten Weeks

Double digits! Big boy is growing so fast.

Likes: playtime (his jungle gym and especially sitting up in your lap when you talk to him), watching everything around him, chewing his hands, looking at his feet, chewing on soft things in his hand, being swaddled tight, warm baths

Dislikes: sun in his eyes, staying in one spot for too long

What's New in the Last Week: Last week he weighed 12lb 14oz. and 23.25 inches long. He has gained 2lb 11oz since his 1 month check up and grew a full inch!

He had a goopy eye on Wednesday so I moved his 2 month visit up to Wed. from Fri. The dr. said as long as the whites of his eyes are still white, it was probably just because his tear ducts haven't fully opened yet. Then I vaguely remember Parker having the same thing.

He is also smiling tons! My goal this week is to try and get a laugh!

His head has also started to get a little smooshed on the right side because he doesn't seem to want to lay on the left side much. So I have to make sure he is turning his head plenty. I had to do the same thing with Parker so it isn't totally a surprise. It's also partially because he is such a good sleeper! I need to maybe rotate his head when he is sleeping too.

Isn't he just the cutest ;)

Beckham - Nine Weeks

Mr tubby is 12 pounds 8 ounces! I didn't end up measuring him the other day but he has his 2 month check up on Friday and they'll do it then. 

Likes: looking all around, chewing on his hands, being swaddled when sleepy, being talked to and stared at, warm baths

Dislikes: dirty diapers, early evening because he's tired

What's New in the Last Week: Last week I really started to try to get him on a schedule of some sorts and it is really starting to fall into place. Sometimes he's awake a little longer or tired more quickly but otherwise he is having definite cycles of wake time and rest time.

 Love this little cutie pie!

Beckham - Two Months

Beckham Alexander is two months old today! Crazy how fast time flies!

Measurements: Beckham goes for his two month appointment on Friday so (for myself) I will come back here to add his sizes then. I didn't get to the breastfeeding support group this week but last week he weighed 11 and a half pounds! I haven't measured his length since his one month appointment so I'm excited to see how much more he has grown!

He is wearing size 2 diapers and 0-3 months clothing. I will be a little surprised if he can wear 0-3 month clothes until he's 3 months! Many of his onesies are fitting a little more snug than you would think! 

Milestones:  This week Beckham has definitely shown signs of developing a regular schedule as opposed to sleeping all day! He is not only more awake, but more alert to what is happening and looking around. He is also now smiling intentionally :) I can't wait for that first laugh! 

His neck muscles are getting pretty strong. I can hold him up and not feel like I have to completely support his head. He is also loving his hands! He gobbles those things up all day!

Schedule:  I am glad that he is starting to develop somewhat of a schedule so I can plan/predict our days. I think it will be helpful to Parker as well because I can lay Beckham down for a nap and devote some time to playing or spending time with P man. 

Beckham wakes about 7 to 7:30. Sometimes he needs to eat right away, sometimes not for a bit. He hangs out with Parker and I in the kitchen in his chair or in the living room in his swing while we eat breakfast. Around 9ish he eats and then is ready for a nap sometime between then and 10. I have gotten him to take several naps in his crib which I am excited about because Parker didn't. I tried laying Beckham in his crib and he didn't care for, so I semi-swaddled him with a muslin blanket and he quickly fell asleep. So I realized that he needs his arms secured to nap in his crib...which is duh! That's how he sleeps at night! 

The middle of the day is still somewhat of a mixture with awake time and napping. He usually eats at noon and 3. I try to get him a nap between 3 and 5 but that time is still hit or miss. The last several days he has slept a chunk of time between 5 and 7 which is kind of nice because for a while he was really fuzzy at dinner time. Clearly he was tired and I didn't quite catch on ;)

If he's awake, he hangs out with us while we do Parker' bedtime routine...and while we read bedtime books. Then about 7:30 - 8 I feed him one last time and change his diaper and onesie and then swaddle him and lay him down. He sleeps until 1 or 2. I feed him again but it isn't usually for two long because he falls right back asleep until between 4 and 5. I am really hoping to get him to the 6am mark so I can just stay up afterwards and not feel so groggy when Parker wakes up between 6 and 7. We're getting closer!

Overall, Beckham is a super happy and laid back baby!

Summer Days

*I love our double stroller! It's perfect for walks. Parker thinks he's so cool sitting in the back. *We all decided to wear our dino shirts the other day. *Parker loves reading so much these days! I catch him reading to himself a lot but also to Beckham now (and obviously Coco Puff too).

 *I love going to Danville's Ellis Park because it is so shady! *A former teacher at my school pinned this cute idea of a car wash on pinterest and Parker loved it!

*Dollar Store balloons are always a hit! *Parker and Coco Puff have become such good buddies! She has calmed down around him so much! *Parker and I both love picnics at the park!

 *He has always been a car sleeper.

 *Lindsay sent Parker some super cute costumes for dress up. He also has an astronaut one but I didn't get a picture.

 *Best buds. *Parker was watching Paw Patrol and there was a suspenseful part lol. *Parker loved his playdoh glasses!

 *Testing out the new beach tent.

*Parke loves to play in the garage so much! He is always building ramps. *Breakfast date at Flapjacks!

 *I love going to the park early in the morning! It's cooler and hardly anyone else is there :)

 *This picture is the result of putting the phone in the bike trailer pocket ;) *Washington Township Park *Checking out the equipment at the state fair. He was so excited to go and see a combine but they didn't have one. He liked sitting on the equipment though.

 *Hiking at Ellis Park *He loves his crane truck! He also is obsessed with that headlamp still. *He asked to ride the tractor shuttle at the fair the whole time we were there. So I rode with him all the way around at the end of the day :)

 *reading comics with grandpa *playing with Hilary's old horse barn *He is in love with Clint's new workout rings! He can swing and flip on those things so well!

 *Helping daddy install the doggie door *Lindsay sent him a new dolphin puppet and that day he used it for many things. *That night he slept with his coyote and dragon puppets on. 

 *hanging out at Town Hall Park in Avon *climbing at Washington Township park...he did so well on this! *He ate that whole corndog at the fair!

 *swinging on the rings *playdate with granny and Ady at our house *more climbing

*intense air hockey game *riding more equipment at the fair *chillin with Coco Puff

swinging on the workout rings

singing Bingo

climbing at the park

reading in bed

playing with his crane truck

swimming with papa