Beckham - Ten Weeks

Double digits! Big boy is growing so fast.

Likes: playtime (his jungle gym and especially sitting up in your lap when you talk to him), watching everything around him, chewing his hands, looking at his feet, chewing on soft things in his hand, being swaddled tight, warm baths

Dislikes: sun in his eyes, staying in one spot for too long

What's New in the Last Week: Last week he weighed 12lb 14oz. and 23.25 inches long. He has gained 2lb 11oz since his 1 month check up and grew a full inch!

He had a goopy eye on Wednesday so I moved his 2 month visit up to Wed. from Fri. The dr. said as long as the whites of his eyes are still white, it was probably just because his tear ducts haven't fully opened yet. Then I vaguely remember Parker having the same thing.

He is also smiling tons! My goal this week is to try and get a laugh!

His head has also started to get a little smooshed on the right side because he doesn't seem to want to lay on the left side much. So I have to make sure he is turning his head plenty. I had to do the same thing with Parker so it isn't totally a surprise. It's also partially because he is such a good sleeper! I need to maybe rotate his head when he is sleeping too.

Isn't he just the cutest ;)

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