Beckham - 11 Weeks

My happy little boy is 11 weeks old!
Likes: smiling, being tickled, looking at his feet, chewing on things especially his hands, being swaddled
Dislikes: staying awake when he's tired

What's New in the Last Week: He's rolled over a couple times previously but in the last week he has rolled over several times!

He's so much more alert! (I know I said that last week.)

Trying to get his weekly picture is much more challenging than when I did Parker's!

such a cutie :)

*he loves being swaddled! *His little neck is getting strong! *He loves it when he finds his feet!

 *Always staring at me!

  *Waking up and stretching!

 *A little picnic and tent action! *His feet are so wrinkly! *Mr. Stretch

 *Picnic time *This is the best mean mug! *But then he's back to being all Mr. Cutsie

 *Swaddled for nap time in the garage *Mr. Wide Eyed

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