33 Weeks

Today is Clint's 28th birthday!  Unfortunately it is raining and supposed to sleet and snow later...and he is working outside right now. Hopefully it miraculously changes! I also have a school meeting from 4-8 tonight - double boo!
Sleep:  Definitely more tired lately which seems to make it a little easier to sleep...minus the whole getting up in the middle of the night. So far I only have to get up once though!
Body Changes: I definitely think my belly has grown quite a bit in the last week! My belly button is also a little sore although it hasn't changed in appearance! My ribs are sore a lot lately but just when I sit down and don't lean back. The little guy must be squished! I also found that my socks are leaving some nice marks on my ankles these days! It doesn't happen with normal white socks but when I wear boot socks or fancy socks.

Food: I haven't had cravings this whole time - which is kind of nice and I also haven't eaten anything weird. Clint is very eager to get me any food that I merely mention though! Score!

Symptoms: Nothing out of the ordinary or what I already mentioned.

Movement: He's dancing around as I type!

Things We Bought/Did:Obviously we had our three showers the last three days which was so much fun! The baby room is filled and a complete disaster! We also received four presents in the mail yesterday!

From a tangerine to a pineapple!
I now have 3 weeks and 4 days left of school before Spring Break and maternity leave! I can't believe it has come so fast!!

Baby Shower at School

A diaper cake!
 Today was the finale in a three day marathon of baby shower goodness! My first grade team hosted a baby shower at school with delicious treats and wonderful gifts!

Goofy poses of course!

Lots of great gifts!
Diane even made a surprise appearance (there in the background). She was on my team when I first started teaching; she retired two years ago. We all called her our mother hen :) All her chicks will have babies now!

Even though it's blurry...you can still see the most awesome team ever! 

I forgot to take pictures of the cute cupcakes...they were orange and turquoise frosted and delicious!! They also made yummy sherbert punch!

I already have a list of the last few essentials that I think we need before Baby Reed gets here. I have both my registry coupons ready too! All that's missing now is the baby :)

Baby Shower with Family!

Today I had my second baby shower! This time it was with my family and Clint's family (and a few family friends too!). I had a great time seeing family that we don't get to see often and I always love when Clint's family and my family can get together :) All together we had about 35 people there!

First we had some delicious snacks and cake/cupcakes!

Fox in Socks theme!

 We played a quick game about both of our birth stats.

Everyone had a minute to check out the poster and then remember them for a quiz! 

Then we started with gifts :)


My stepmom put on the invitations to bring a book instead of a card, so we received LOTS of books :)

Mrs. Reed's Star Student...so cute!

Lots of cute owl things!

Also lots of cute Dr. Seuss items!

Many silly photos!
 My dad was the paparazzi for the party so of course I had to give him lots of great photos :)

A couple of my uncles and my dad brought everything across the street to my house so I didn't have to! Bonus!!

Just a rundown on the many gifts we received: a jumperoo, highchair, activity mat, lots of toys, lots of clothes, lots of books, bath time gear, diapers, wipes, wipe warmer, Boppy, car seat protector, lots of socks, tons of bibs, couple gift cards, giraffe mat, burp rags, a couple blankets, and some cash for the baby bank!

We received so many great presents and are very appreciative of everyone!! I can't wait for little baby to use all his wonderful gifts!! Now...to just get everything washed and put away! Good thing my maternity leave starts in 4 weeks!

Baby Shower with my Friends!

Last night my two good friends Augusta and Rebecca threw Clint and me a baby shower for our friends! Check out the awesome cake that Rebecca handmade!! It was delicious!

Augusta made the adorable owl decorations herself!! My friends are so crafty!

Clint's mugshot in case he ever goes to jail.

Yummy taco bar!!


Stations of games! As Clint said, "You can tell that teachers put together this party! Are we all in station groups??" You can also tell that Clint pays attention to my teacher talk :)

Baby bottles filled with different beers - they had to guess which was which.

Augusta took baby pictures of both of us and copied them. Then she cut them into strips and you had to create a baby picture of our future child!

Sippy cup races!!

Baby food mystery! Jared was totally into the baby food tasting! However, he was beat by a true momma - Jessica.

The newly-parent game. Clint pretty much blew this one up. We had to eat baby food if we didn't match answers.


Some of the awesome gifts we received! Lots of essentials!

A great start to the baby's library!!

We also received a few outfits. the doorway jumper, and a couple cute hooded towels - can't have too many of these for when the little baby starts swimming! 

This afternoon I have a baby shower with Clint's family and my family! Stay tuned for more pictures :)

32 Weeks

 I had my 32 week checkup yesterday and everything looks great. I am measuring right at 32 weeks. The baby's heartbeat was 140 bpm again. He sure is consistent. Only 8 more weeks left!

This weekend we got several things done. We took all the tags off the baby clothes we already have and I washed them using a homemade detergent found here. I then sorted everything and put it away. Since we ended up getting two dressers, we don't have a whole lot hanging in the closet. The drawers have all the pants/shorts, pajamas, and onesies. We also have tons of blankets, bath things, socks/bibs, and a few pairs of sheets.

My dad and stepmom also purchased a rocking chair for us! We went over last week and Clint put it together. He read the instructions and it said that assembly would take 30 minutes, which in man time equals 2 beers. So I grabbed him a beer and he had it put together in under 15 minutes. He didn't even get his beer open!

I decided to go with a rocking chair for a few reasons. Mostly I like how they look much better! I don't see us putting a glider anywhere else in the house. Another reason is all the moving parts on a glider make me a little nervous. I am probably going to get a little foot stool/ottoman later but I'll shop around for that.

This is the picture from the website. I am too lazy to take a real picture! The fabric is more of a light tan - not white. But the wood finish matches our furniture really close.
I have also hit the week that allows me to make a comparison with three different pictures! Check it out!

Sorry about the MIA chalkboard again. Some nights it just doesn't get done!

I am really excited for this weekend! Saturday I am having a co-ed shower for both of our friends. Sunday I have a shower at my stepmom's for both families and then Monday I have a shower at school! Baby will be here before we know it!

In the Single Digits!

First - a quick note...if you read this on a mobile device the pictures are blurry because everything is resized...if you go to the bottom of my blog and click on view web version, everything will look normal!

I am now 31 weeks which means 9 more weeks to go! Well - obviously that's the goal but I know it can be longer or shorter...we'll just have to see.

Sleep:  It is getting a little harder to sleep some nights. One reason is that the baby loves to move around a lot at night and the other is that sometimes I just can't get comfortable. I'm not quite uncomfortable, just not comfortable.
Body Changes: Another day, bigger belly!

Food: I feel like the last week or two have been hard to eat more than I would if I weren't pregnant. I feel really hungry between meals if I don't have a small snack but I get full so fast! One of the worst things about being pregnant is when you are too full! It hurts too bad for me to overeat!

Symptoms: Two things I have noticed lately...I'm getting out of breath more often and I am feeling more tired again. I'm not as tired as I was at the beginning but I am sleepier earlier and I need to take a nap on the weekends.

Movement: So much movement! Not all of them are so sweet anymore! Sometimes it feels like he has his butt or feet pressed up to my belly and he is just pushing for fun!

Things We Bought/Did: We took all the tags off of the clothes we have and we sorted them into piles to wash...but they are still sitting there for now. I bought a super cute swim diaper off Amazon that came today.

However, when I ordered it, I chose the 3 month size...it came today and says newborn in capitals. Then below that it says 3 months 6-10 pounds. Seriously? No 3 month old is 10 pounds or less! So I am exchanging it for the "6 month" size. Hopefully it will fit something bigger than a Ken Doll.  We also ordered a black backpack for Clint to use as a diaper bag. Hopefully we get that soon too!

I have three baby showers, all in a row, coming up soon...so I'm getting excited for those fun parties!

30 Weeks!

Today marks 30 weeks!! 10 weeks to go until we get to meet this little baby!!

Today we had a doctor's appointment and ultrasound. We did a regular and 4D ultrasound. Everything is looking really good (and symmetrical!). He is measuring about three and a half pounds and 7.7 inches. That puts him right in the 52% range. We were able to bring a flash drive (Thanks Melissa!!) and record some short videos of the 4D ultrasound in addition to getting pictures.

His feet looked like Clint's caveman feet...flat and wide!

 Those look like some big lips! He also has pretty big cheeks right now.

He also looks like he is going to have my squishy nose which Clint is excited about!

The very end is the best part!

He had his mouth open the whole time!

Overall everything went great and we are both so excited to meet our little munchkin!! We are going to get the next couple important items sometime soon (crib mattress, changing pad, and rocker of some sort) so I'm excited to start putting the finishing touches on the baby room!!

I'm going to skip the little update I have been doing because nothing has changed since last week since everything has been so smooth! My dr. says we are her easiest couple!

Worst Trip of My Life

In my last post I mentioned that we went looking at a car Wednesday (that was in Plainfield) and that we were going to also go look at one Thursday. Both cars were Jeep Cherokees. For those that know me well may remember that I had a red Jeep Cherokee about 5 years ago. The one we looked at in Louisville on Thursday was also red :) We decided that we were going to buy the one in Louisville because even though it is a 2000, it only had 57,000 miles on it. The one in Plainfield is a 2001 with 79,000 miles - both of which are pretty good for being that old. 

So Thursday we both got home early and headed out on the road at 3:45. We missed the rush hour traffic in Indy but hit Louisville traffic right on. We made it to the dealership that was right outside of downtown at about 6pm. We test drove the car and signed the paperwork and were ready to get on our way. We didn't trade my car in because they wouldn't give us enough for it. We decided we are going to try to sell it ourselves. So we drove Clint's truck down there (in case of snowy weather as well as not having to shift in traffic). We stopped at McDonalds to get a quick bite and also get some gas. We were ready to leave at 7:30.

First we got lost for about 10-15 minute. Someone wasn't paying close attention a few times but I thought he knew where he was going. He is usually really good with directions. By some random luck we found our way to 65. We hopped on there and were on our way!

We made it to Indiana pretty quick and then once we had been driving for a little bit, it started to snow and blow hard winds. When I got gas I reset the trip meter so I could check out the gas mileage. Well after we had driven about 30 miles the weather was starting to get pretty sketchy. I was switching lanes because we were passing a truck pulling a covered trailer. I had just checked in with Clint on the phone for a minute and right after switching lanes I hit an icy patch and started fishtailing. I swerved back and forth and then hit the trailer with my passenger bumper then I swerved back left and spun out and made it into the grass median. Luckily I didn't hit anything else like the fence that was a couple feet behind me or any other cars behind me, which all slowed down. I took a minute to collect myself and then put it in 4 wheel drive and drove to the other should where the truck and trailer had pulled off. Clint pulled off in front of them as well. We got out and saw that thankfully the truck and trailer were undamaged - at least from what we could see in the dark and snow. I gave him my name and number and he left. He was very nice and understood that the weather and roads were getting bad - he had to drive all the way to Ft. Wayne. 

Clint and I stood there for a few minutes and looked at my car. We couldn't really see much in the dark but we were both pretty glad I was safe with pretty much no damage. I started to get out of the shocked stage and bawled for a few minutes on the side of the road with Clint but it was freezing and not really safe to stand there so we decided to get back in the cars and drive. Clint asked if I wanted to stop for the night and stay in a hotel but we weren't that far away so I said I'd be fine. 

I put the Jeep in 4 wheel drive and we drove a little slower than we normally would. I ended up leading us two so I could control how fast we were going. For about the next hour the roads were absolutely terrible. I think they were the worst conditions I have ever driven in. It was snowing and extremely windy on top of it being so dark. 65 doesn't have many lights because there are not many major exits or towns. That whole hour I was completely frazzled and terrified, thinking I was going to crash again. Sitting for extended amounts of time has started to become a little uncomfortable on my ribs. So after the two hour drive down there, my ribs were already a little sore. So now they were sore and I was incredibly tense creating a little bit of back pain. All this of course between bursts of tears because I have too many hormones and I had wrecked in my new car.

Finally we made it to Columbus about 10:30. I pulled off because I needed a break and to use the restroom. We sat in Clint's truck for a short bit while I calmed down. Clint asked if we wanted to get a hotel but we were only a little bit away and I just wanted to go home. 

We got back on 65 and within the next mile, we came to a stop behind a long line of traffic. Clint talked to the semi driver next to him and heard that they were pulling two semis out of the median up ahead but he wasn't sure how long this would take. Well almost 2 hours later we finally started moving. We drove several miles, going pretty slow and stopped again for a short while. Then we started through Edinburgh. I saw the exit for 31 kind of last minute and debated getting off there but I wasn't sure if that was the same 31 that went by the Greenwood Mall. 

We drove a few more miles and then stopped again. I called my mom to chat for a few and she checked out the traffic online and told me that there was a line of stopped-ish traffic all the way to Greenwood. I think we were about in the middle of it all. I talked to her a couple different times in an hour and only went 2 miles. At about 2am we finally made it to the exit that was S.R. 44. Clint got in front now since he knew how to get home from there. We took 44 to 31 and were traffic free all the way to 465. 31 in Greenwood was pretty clear making me feel better finally. We got on 465 and it was empty too. We made it home just before 3 am. 

We both went inside and Clint hopped in the shower and I got his things ready for the morning and let the dog out. Zoe was taking forever so I started calling for her. I called three times and then Clint came in the kitchen and saw that the gate outside was open. So now Zoe was out barking in the neighborhood. We both knew that of course this would happen. Thankfully it was freezing ass cold and Zoe ran back in the yard because she wanted in. FINALLY we were in bed just after 3.

Luckily my district was on a 2 hour delay for Friday so I slept in til about 7:30. I think I actually got out of bed just before 8. Teachers are still required to report at 7:30 but I figured my principal would understand - especially if he saw my poor rosy red cheeks in the morning. Wiping tears away all night with the sleeves of a rough sweater do a little bit of damage to your cheeks! 

Clint however did not have a delay! He actually woke up about 6 am and realized he was not going to be able to work safely so he called his foreman and said he would be in to work in a little while. He woke up a around 8:30 and actually didn't feel too bad considering our night. 

So to summarize, Thursday was the night from hell. We are very thankful that we are safe and that there was just a small dent in the car but it was just an awful trip that I hope we never have to experience again!