Baby Shower with my Friends!

Last night my two good friends Augusta and Rebecca threw Clint and me a baby shower for our friends! Check out the awesome cake that Rebecca handmade!! It was delicious!

Augusta made the adorable owl decorations herself!! My friends are so crafty!

Clint's mugshot in case he ever goes to jail.

Yummy taco bar!!


Stations of games! As Clint said, "You can tell that teachers put together this party! Are we all in station groups??" You can also tell that Clint pays attention to my teacher talk :)

Baby bottles filled with different beers - they had to guess which was which.

Augusta took baby pictures of both of us and copied them. Then she cut them into strips and you had to create a baby picture of our future child!

Sippy cup races!!

Baby food mystery! Jared was totally into the baby food tasting! However, he was beat by a true momma - Jessica.

The newly-parent game. Clint pretty much blew this one up. We had to eat baby food if we didn't match answers.


Some of the awesome gifts we received! Lots of essentials!

A great start to the baby's library!!

We also received a few outfits. the doorway jumper, and a couple cute hooded towels - can't have too many of these for when the little baby starts swimming! 

This afternoon I have a baby shower with Clint's family and my family! Stay tuned for more pictures :)

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