30 Weeks!

Today marks 30 weeks!! 10 weeks to go until we get to meet this little baby!!

Today we had a doctor's appointment and ultrasound. We did a regular and 4D ultrasound. Everything is looking really good (and symmetrical!). He is measuring about three and a half pounds and 7.7 inches. That puts him right in the 52% range. We were able to bring a flash drive (Thanks Melissa!!) and record some short videos of the 4D ultrasound in addition to getting pictures.

His feet looked like Clint's caveman feet...flat and wide!

 Those look like some big lips! He also has pretty big cheeks right now.

He also looks like he is going to have my squishy nose which Clint is excited about!

The very end is the best part!

He had his mouth open the whole time!

Overall everything went great and we are both so excited to meet our little munchkin!! We are going to get the next couple important items sometime soon (crib mattress, changing pad, and rocker of some sort) so I'm excited to start putting the finishing touches on the baby room!!

I'm going to skip the little update I have been doing because nothing has changed since last week since everything has been so smooth! My dr. says we are her easiest couple!


  1. So excited for you!!

  2. So sweet! You got some great pics! Can't wait to meet him!