32 Weeks

 I had my 32 week checkup yesterday and everything looks great. I am measuring right at 32 weeks. The baby's heartbeat was 140 bpm again. He sure is consistent. Only 8 more weeks left!

This weekend we got several things done. We took all the tags off the baby clothes we already have and I washed them using a homemade detergent found here. I then sorted everything and put it away. Since we ended up getting two dressers, we don't have a whole lot hanging in the closet. The drawers have all the pants/shorts, pajamas, and onesies. We also have tons of blankets, bath things, socks/bibs, and a few pairs of sheets.

My dad and stepmom also purchased a rocking chair for us! We went over last week and Clint put it together. He read the instructions and it said that assembly would take 30 minutes, which in man time equals 2 beers. So I grabbed him a beer and he had it put together in under 15 minutes. He didn't even get his beer open!

I decided to go with a rocking chair for a few reasons. Mostly I like how they look much better! I don't see us putting a glider anywhere else in the house. Another reason is all the moving parts on a glider make me a little nervous. I am probably going to get a little foot stool/ottoman later but I'll shop around for that.

This is the picture from the website. I am too lazy to take a real picture! The fabric is more of a light tan - not white. But the wood finish matches our furniture really close.
I have also hit the week that allows me to make a comparison with three different pictures! Check it out!

Sorry about the MIA chalkboard again. Some nights it just doesn't get done!

I am really excited for this weekend! Saturday I am having a co-ed shower for both of our friends. Sunday I have a shower at my stepmom's for both families and then Monday I have a shower at school! Baby will be here before we know it!

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