21 Months Old

I am a little overdue with this monthly update but we have been buys! Clint just had surgery on Friday to repair a torn pec muscle and tendon. Boo! He is in a sling for 4-6 weeks so I am on heavy Parker duty...fingers crossed he doesn't pester Clint too much!

So for some updates...
can count to three often...or sometimes just one and three ;)
can name all the Mickey Mouse clubhouse members
regularly puts 3-5 words together for a sentence
can answer simple one part questions
can mop like no one's business
occasionally pees in his potty
can name more animals than I can count...and make a ton of animal sounds
loves puzzles...he really enjoys his magnetic fishing puzzles from Aunt Lindsay
also loves this magnetic animal puzzle book from my mom
loves to color  especially with markers
is obsessed with Rice Krispies...eats like 3 or 4 bowls a day sometimes
is finally completely fitting into his 18 month pants
loves dinos, trains, and Barney
can almost put his pants on by himself
can name all familiar people

And now for some pics of my favorite kid:

love that kid

nice weather the other day  meant time to go outside!

playing with snow

risky business

whose kid is this??

riding the cars at the mall

always daddy's helper


wearing my towel after a shower

wearing my shoes to gramma's

he loves washing dishes now

always maxin' and relaxin'
And a few videos...

Cold Days

I went back to school on Monday after my two week break  but yesterday and today school was cancelled due to the cold. So Parker and I did lots of playing and hanging out!

I have been trying to figure out my Nikon J1 and I am slowly getting the hang of it! I need to work on my photoshop skills some too so none of these are edited.

It's not hard taking photos when you have such a cute kid ;)