49 Weeks

Likes: cheese & fruit, climbing things, flushing the toilet, unrolling the toilet paper

Dislikes: being sick

What's New in the Last Week: other than his new discoveries in the bathroom...not a whole lot. He almost stood up by himself this morning!

We're so happy to be on spring break!! except little mister caught momma's cold this weekend and is feeling pretty miserable. He has the runniest nose and his cough sounds like a seal barking. His appetite has been low but he definitely still wants to play! I hope he feels better soon! We have a big trip to visit grandma and grandpa in California on Monday!!

sick snuggles with daddy

he was up on top of this toy bin before i could snap a pic

he has started to just lay down...it is so silly

He figured out how to get snacks from his snack trap...

and Zoe figured out how to wait for them to fall out.

he loves books

relaxing in the wagon

my little sick boy

always climbing

little troublemaker

sitting in the wagon, watching Mickey with dad

48 Weeks

I just love this little muffin!

Likes: being chased, opening cabinets, waving bye, crawling to the tub and trying to climb in, wagon rides, putting his toys in my mouth (yum), turning pages in books, playing with his food when he's finished, getting into mischief

Dislikes: getting dressed, getting buckled into his carseat

What's New in the Last Week: not a lot has changed except that he can now wave and flap his arms as he walks (almost runs)


his first selfie

passed out after a walk with grandpa

love his snuggles

I still pinched his little cheeks!

making messes with dinner

He loves instruments!

11 Months Old

Parker is 11 months old today!

Big Milestones: Right after he turned 10 months old her started taking small steps and in the last week or so he has really taken off! He can walk across rooms and turn around when walking. He still falls down but gets right back up if he has something to push up on. He is really close to being able to stand up alone but not quite there yet. He also can climb the stairs and sorta get down them but we have them gated off! We're still working on saying a few words but he mostly likes to make noises.

He finally got another tooth last week! He got one on the top left next to the front ones. When looking at his gums the two front teeth and the tooth on the right side look like they are about to break through any day!

Measurements: He still wears some 6-9 month clothes but they are mixed in with some 9-12 month clothes too. I just bought him some 12 month jeans and both pairs are huge...especially in length. He has grown quite a bit in months 10 and 11 and I measured him at right about 30 inches long. I stood him on the scale and he weighed 20 pounds! I can finally put him on the scale without worrying he will fall or crawl off!

Daily Schedule: He has started napping twice a day but still wakes up around 5:30 and goes to bed at 7:30 or so. He eats three times a day and still nurses/takes a bottle 4 times a day but has been eating less during the daytime. I think he is also ready for more snacks in between meals especially when we get home after school/work/daycare.

His big birthday is coming up and I am excited for his one year pictures and his birthday party but I can't believe he is already almost one!

47 Weeks

Likes: fruit, chasing & throwing balls, his new Batmobile, standing up in the bath, looking out the windows and door

Dislikes: sleeping through the night, cabinet locks!

What's New in the Last Week: He finally started waving! I would also officially consider him a walker! He still falls down but he can walk across rooms and even change directions.

He is obsessed with mopping!

He was cracking up at Zoe being outside!

Always closing doors

little walking man


a little backseat reading

loves looking out the windows

wagon ride in the nice weather...he was smiling the whole time!

seriously loves closing doors

He is just so darn cute! I can't wait for spring break so we get to spend all day together :)

46 Weeks

Likes: fruit, fish sticks, cheese, being chased, snorting, playing in the tub, knocking over towers, getting in the cabinets, trying to catch your drawstrings, throwing his food on the floor for Zoe, snorting/grunting/squawking, playing with the door

Dislikes: when you try to hold him still for his diaper or clothes changes, his new popping toy

What's New in the Last Week: he is definitely close to walking on his own...he walked across his whole room the other night and this morning, he also figured out how to stick the foam letters on the bathtub wall

(ps - the last video is pretty funny!)

helping daddy put together his new scary toy

he thought it was hilarious being under the chair

he slid right onto the blanket


his new squawk noise

loves opening and closing the door