46 Weeks

Likes: fruit, fish sticks, cheese, being chased, snorting, playing in the tub, knocking over towers, getting in the cabinets, trying to catch your drawstrings, throwing his food on the floor for Zoe, snorting/grunting/squawking, playing with the door

Dislikes: when you try to hold him still for his diaper or clothes changes, his new popping toy

What's New in the Last Week: he is definitely close to walking on his own...he walked across his whole room the other night and this morning, he also figured out how to stick the foam letters on the bathtub wall

(ps - the last video is pretty funny!)

helping daddy put together his new scary toy

he thought it was hilarious being under the chair

he slid right onto the blanket


his new squawk noise

loves opening and closing the door

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