Beckham - Five Weeks

Big Boy is 5 weeks old today!

Likes: looking at the skylights, napping, hanging out in my baby carrier, eating

Dislikes: waking up from a long nap because then he wakes up hungry, being hot

What's New in the Last Week: Not a lot has changed in the last week...other than I don't think he can fit into any of newborn clothes lately. He also switched completely to size 1 diapers. 

I've been saying this a lot, but it is crazy how completely different Beckham is from how Parker was as a baby. I'm not complaining or saying I expected them to  be the same but they are so different in almost every way! It makes me wonder how he'll be as he grows up.

Apparently I need to list some examples so here...
Beckham sleeps a lot and Parker (still) isn't a fan of sleeping much.
Beckham only take about 15 minutes to eat and Parker always needed 30 min.
Beckham is gaining weight really fast and Parker was always shrimpier.
Beckham sleeps like a champ in his pack and play and Parker wanted that thing thrown in the trash since day 1.
Here's a fun one...Beckham only poops like twice a day and Parker pooped every time you changed his diaper. Fun times.
Beckham doesn't mind chillin in his swing, on the boppy, on the floor, etc and Parker only wanted the swing or to be held.

Basically Beckham is pretty easy going! Parker wasn't really a hard baby, just not one to sleep much.

playing 'together'

took his first bottle with no problem

napping baby

napping boys

morning cuddles

swaddled up in his pack and play

spy cam

conked out

He can seriously nap anywhere!

Beckham - One Month

Measurements: He was 7 lb. 6 oz. at birth and now he weighs 10lb. 3 oz! He was 20.5 in. at birth and now he is just over 22 in. long! He is growing so fast! He is wearing a mix of newborn and 0-3 month clothes, depending on the brand, but he won't be in newborn much longer. Most of his sleepers are too short although we don't put him in those hardly at all because he is a very warm baby! We keep our house pretty cool but he is still too warm to wear those to bed. So he wears a regular onesie and a swaddle to bed. During the day he wears mostly onesies since it is hotter than a sauna lately. 

Milestones: We started him out in his Rock & Play sleeper because it worked really well with Parker. I think the slight incline and curved bed helped him feel more secure to sleep. I'm going with that even if that isn't true because he has slept so well this first month! This week though we moved him to his Pack & Play to get him used to a flat surface so we can move him to his crib. The first 3 weeks he slept in a newborn pod  swaddle. It was really form fitting but stretchy and with a zipper. Then we didn't put him in anything other than his sleeper for the last week or two. I decided to go back to the swaddle now that he is on a flat surface so he doesn't startle himself awake. The first night in his pack & play he slept almost 5 hours and then another 3 hours, so I'd say it was a success. 

His neck is getting stronger but he still has a pretty wobbly head. Half the time I lay him on his tummy, he falls asleep! The carrier I bought has a flap to fold down when they have a strong neck; I fold it down often now and he holds his head up in that pretty well. 

Schedule: Each night I feed him at about 9 pm and then put him to bed. He sleeps between 4 and 5 hours that first stretch. I then feed him again and he sleeps another 2-3 hours, waking between 4 and 5 am. He usually is kind of fussy between 5 and 6 am with gas or something so I try to burp him some more or stretch his legs to get out some gas. Sometimes Clint will take him and walk around with him. The last week he has been less fussy at this time compared to the first three weeks. Sometimes he just likes to lay on my chest and who am I to say no? ;) 

He then wakes up again between 7 and 8 and I feed him again and then I usually put him in his swing in the living room or just hold him as he naps on and off for the next 2-3 hours. We do that for another round and he eats around lunch time. He has usually been more awake/alert in the afternoon right before his 1pm feeding. Luckily right now he still mostly naps after that feeding so I can put Parker down for his nap. Then both boys (ideally) nap til between 3 and 4. Then he is mostly awake for the late afternoon and evening when Clint is home. I feed him about 7pm which again is good for us to get Parker ready for bed. So far this schedule has been about the same since we brought him home. I am waiting for him to be more awake/alert so we can play more! 

Life at Home

Parker made his window seat into a clubhouse. He spent 45 minutes in there reading. My little teacher heart was so happy. 

I was working on Beckham's baby book while Parker played and Beckham...chilled ;) Then Parker walked over and told Beckham he was going to read Dragon's Love Tacos to him. So obviously I creeped on him. I used my front facing camera so it looks backwards.

I was trying to sew a couple things that needed fixed while Parker watched a Thomas video. Beckham fussed a little bit so Parker calmed him down ;)

momma and her boys

story time


Parker was the babysitter during breakfast.

Look mom, I have a pet parrot.

Two sleeping boys...and bonus! A sleeping dog too!
He is just too sweet!
This was Parker when he was supposed to be napping.

We went to Ellis Park in Danville the other day and had fun hiking.

Even Beckham had fun ;) Ignore my dork face.

We also played at the park. I really like Ellis Park because most of it is in the shade.
He loved the bridge at the park. 
snapchat fun

Yep...we're goobers.

His new the window bench seat.

He fell asleep with his glowsticks from the tub.

His carseat tent.

There was a suspenseful part during Paw Patrol.

Having fun at Jennifer's.

Ady's birthday party.

"Look at my combine mommy" He's so punny!

My little goober.

Beckham - Four Weeks

Not only is that chubby bunny 4 weeks old, but I have blogged 4 straight weeks!

Mr. Beckham is growing so fast! His chubby cheeks and double chin are too much! Today he weighed 9 lb. 13 oz. before his feeding and like each week I've checked, he is still eating about 4 oz. We are going to attempt using a bottle this week so I'll check back in with that next week! 

Likes: most nights he loves his rock and play bed, still likes to look out the skylights, he really has noticed the hanging toys on his car seat and seems to like looking at those, snuggling up for a nap on our chests, bathtime if you fill the tub up pretty high so he is laying in the water, cooing

Dislikes: the car seat has gotten better - he doesn't fuss about that much anymore, having gas is no fun

What's New in the Last Week: He has gained quite a bit of weight - one pound in the last week!! He is now in between newborn and 0-3 month clothes; depending on the brand. Some newborn things are plenty big still and others are skin tight. Last night was his first fussy night which I can't really complain about because he is 4 weeks old! And even then, he still slept decently. 

We also decided to be on a little bit more of a schedule. So in order for Parker to nap, we still get up at 6am every day :/ I don't love waking up that early but it is what works! I just take a shower first thing and then I'm usually good to go. Plus, Clint is still home so he can feed Parker breakfast and hang out with him.

He is starting to notice more, like the toys on his carseat. The other night we had visitors and as soon as I sat next to Whitney and started talking he looked over and just stared at me :) It was sweet.

I can tell he is going to be ticklish! His feet are the same way!

He is so noisy!!

Prepare for several pictures of Beckham...sleeping. Because he does a lot of that. And I think he's cute while doing it.


just stop with the camera

enjoying the nice evening

Hip Hop Hooray...Hooooe!

like father, like son

chillin at the pool

beddy bye time...sleeping like Parker with his arms up

I don't think that is what tummy time is supposed to be like.

Beckham - Three Weeks

Hello my little chubby bunny! 3 weeks old already and growing like a weed. Today Beckham weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces!! He has already gained one pound, 7 ounces! Since Wednesday he has gained 10 ounces alone! Apparently I'm making super milk this time around ;) 

Likes: staring at the sky lights, cooing, sleeping in my carrier

Dislikes: going in the carseat, having gas 

What's New in the Last Week: It's not new, but we did survive our first week alone ;) It may not have been the prettiest week, but we survived it. Obviously Beckham has been growing quite a bit, which means he is starting to get a little more full in his face and thighs and clearly his belly! I mean, just look at the thicky thick thighs he's getting! He also had his longest sleep stretch two nights ago...just over 5 hours! Last night he had a little over 4 hour stretch of sleep. 

I have been really enjoying how well this one sleeps because Parker has been having a hard time napping. The only time Beckham has trouble is around 5 am because he has gas...he either needs to burp or fart but he has a hard time getting it out in the morning for some reason. I have tried burping him every way and switching him around a bit seems to help somewhat. When I change his diaper I stretch his legs way up and sometimes he lets out a good one then goes right back to sleep. I just got some gas drops so hopefully those help too. 

Parker continues to be very good about having a brother and not all the attention. He's only asked a couple times for one of us to put the baby down or give him to the other parent. He loves to rub Beckham's head all the time especially after his bath when his hair's fuzzy. If he gets fussy, he likes to tell him "it's ok" in his little sweet voice. He usually likes to know where he is too. "Mommy, where's baby brother?" The hardest thing right now is getting Parker to take his nap. Trying to coincide Beckham's feeding with naptime hasn't been perfect, but I'm figuring it out. It's mostly hard when Baby B starts crying or fussing while I'm trying to get Parker to sleep. Hopefully we can get our routine down soon so I don't stress myself out too much ;)



babysitting while I make breakfast

tubby baby!

say what?

what a life.

precious baby feet!

it's party time!

so snuggly!

1st trip to El Meson

fresh & clean