July 4th Festivities

Now that Parker is 3, special events just seem more special! He is able to understand what the event is and see why it is fun! So we were excited to take him to fireworks!

slept through all the fireworks

loved his sparklers!

clearly he enjoyed his first picnic

my love

Parker is ready for fireworks...Clint is probably ready for a nap ;)

Best Buds

Friday we went to Clint's boss's cookout, which I mentioned in my post the other day. Parker loved being out in the country, surrounded by the corn fields! He also loved the live bands! I don't think he has experienced that before. He had so much fun dancing. He was really into the fireworks too! I was glad Clint thought to bring the ear muffs for both boys because they were really loud.
The only bad thing a out fireworks is that it doesn't get dark til just before 10 so of course Parker was up way late!

Then on Monday we did a short trip out to Hummel Park in Plainfield. We had originally planned to do downtown but the forecast had called for rain and storms all day. So we had planned to stay home. Then that evening after the weather stayed rain-free, we decided to check out Plainfield since it was closer and wouldn't take forever to get home.

Parker's old onesie is a little big

yay! more sparklers!

ready for the show!

enjoying his nice outdoor nap

he just loves Beckham :)

ready for fireworks!
Well of course it started to sprinkle as soon as we got there. We sat under a bunch of trees which helped us stay dry for about an hour. Then the sprinkling really started to come down, so we headed to the truck. We hung out in there for about 10 minutes and then watched some of the fireworks. Parker was kind of over and just wanted to have fun in the truck so we headed home. We found all the good spots to see the fireworks from though for next year!

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