Life at Home

Parker made his window seat into a clubhouse. He spent 45 minutes in there reading. My little teacher heart was so happy. 

I was working on Beckham's baby book while Parker played and Beckham...chilled ;) Then Parker walked over and told Beckham he was going to read Dragon's Love Tacos to him. So obviously I creeped on him. I used my front facing camera so it looks backwards.

I was trying to sew a couple things that needed fixed while Parker watched a Thomas video. Beckham fussed a little bit so Parker calmed him down ;)

momma and her boys

story time


Parker was the babysitter during breakfast.

Look mom, I have a pet parrot.

Two sleeping boys...and bonus! A sleeping dog too!
He is just too sweet!
This was Parker when he was supposed to be napping.

We went to Ellis Park in Danville the other day and had fun hiking.

Even Beckham had fun ;) Ignore my dork face.

We also played at the park. I really like Ellis Park because most of it is in the shade.
He loved the bridge at the park. 
snapchat fun

Yep...we're goobers.

His new the window bench seat.

He fell asleep with his glowsticks from the tub.

His carseat tent.

There was a suspenseful part during Paw Patrol.

Having fun at Jennifer's.

Ady's birthday party.

"Look at my combine mommy" He's so punny!

My little goober.

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