Beckham - Three Weeks

Hello my little chubby bunny! 3 weeks old already and growing like a weed. Today Beckham weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces!! He has already gained one pound, 7 ounces! Since Wednesday he has gained 10 ounces alone! Apparently I'm making super milk this time around ;) 

Likes: staring at the sky lights, cooing, sleeping in my carrier

Dislikes: going in the carseat, having gas 

What's New in the Last Week: It's not new, but we did survive our first week alone ;) It may not have been the prettiest week, but we survived it. Obviously Beckham has been growing quite a bit, which means he is starting to get a little more full in his face and thighs and clearly his belly! I mean, just look at the thicky thick thighs he's getting! He also had his longest sleep stretch two nights ago...just over 5 hours! Last night he had a little over 4 hour stretch of sleep. 

I have been really enjoying how well this one sleeps because Parker has been having a hard time napping. The only time Beckham has trouble is around 5 am because he has gas...he either needs to burp or fart but he has a hard time getting it out in the morning for some reason. I have tried burping him every way and switching him around a bit seems to help somewhat. When I change his diaper I stretch his legs way up and sometimes he lets out a good one then goes right back to sleep. I just got some gas drops so hopefully those help too. 

Parker continues to be very good about having a brother and not all the attention. He's only asked a couple times for one of us to put the baby down or give him to the other parent. He loves to rub Beckham's head all the time especially after his bath when his hair's fuzzy. If he gets fussy, he likes to tell him "it's ok" in his little sweet voice. He usually likes to know where he is too. "Mommy, where's baby brother?" The hardest thing right now is getting Parker to take his nap. Trying to coincide Beckham's feeding with naptime hasn't been perfect, but I'm figuring it out. It's mostly hard when Baby B starts crying or fussing while I'm trying to get Parker to sleep. Hopefully we can get our routine down soon so I don't stress myself out too much ;)



babysitting while I make breakfast

tubby baby!

say what?

what a life.

precious baby feet!

it's party time!

so snuggly!

1st trip to El Meson

fresh & clean


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