Beckham - Two Weeks

Baby B is two weeks old! 

We celebrated the 4th of July twice this weekend; first on Friday at Clint's boss's annual cookout/festival. It is a huge picnic with around 200 people there (I don't even know 200 people?!?). They have a ton of food and a stage with bands. Then they end the night with a huge fireworks show. Parker had a great time running to the corn fields, dancing to the music, playing with glow sticks and sparklers, and watching the fireworks. Beckham slept the entire time. So I guess he enjoyed it. 

Yesterday we made a last minute decision to head to Hummel Park in Plainfield to watch the fireworks since it wasn't raining and the radar was clear. Well of course, as soon as we got there and parked, it started sprinkling. We ended up going to the truck at about 9:45 and watched from there. Parker was pretty much a nut the whole hour and a half we were there. He was catching lightning bugs, did some more sparklers, ate some popcorn, and then was a total goober once we went into the truck. But we had a good time. Again, Beckham slept the entire time. 

Today is my mom's last day with us :( She is leaving tomorrow morning. We will miss having all the help that we've had the last two weeks. Lindsay was here for a week and my mom was here for the last two weeks. It has been so nice to have the extra help with Parker, dinner, laundry, Beckham, and just another person here in general. We are so glad to have had them here! 

Likes: being held, being fed, being swaddled at bedtime, looking out the window while swinging, his rock and play for bedtime, napping, singing/making noises (we like to say he is singing...basically it's just baby coos...super cute though)

Dislikes: when the milk doesn't come fast enough, being buckled into his car seat

What's New in the Last Week: He is spending more time awake which is nice because you can see his sweet baby blue eyes! His belly is getting bigger! I'll see how much he weighs on Wednesday when I go to the breastfeeding support group. Last Monday he weighed 7 lb. 4 oz. before eating and 7 lb. 7oz. after eating.

While at the support group last week I had the lactation consultant check out his tongue because the hospital pediatrician noticed he had somewhat of a tongue tie. She agreed and also said his upper lip was tied too. So she gave me the number to a dentist that specializes in tongue/lip ties. He agreed so we need to go in for a  consult next Friday to see if we need to do anything. He clearly isn't having any eating issues since he almost made it to his birth weight in a week. I also don't really have much pain when he eats so it's more an issue of whether it will potentially affect his speech. We'll see!

Well summer will be over before we know it, so I hope we find lots more fun things to do and hopefully we can handle it as a family of 4 now!

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