Beckham - Four Weeks

Not only is that chubby bunny 4 weeks old, but I have blogged 4 straight weeks!

Mr. Beckham is growing so fast! His chubby cheeks and double chin are too much! Today he weighed 9 lb. 13 oz. before his feeding and like each week I've checked, he is still eating about 4 oz. We are going to attempt using a bottle this week so I'll check back in with that next week! 

Likes: most nights he loves his rock and play bed, still likes to look out the skylights, he really has noticed the hanging toys on his car seat and seems to like looking at those, snuggling up for a nap on our chests, bathtime if you fill the tub up pretty high so he is laying in the water, cooing

Dislikes: the car seat has gotten better - he doesn't fuss about that much anymore, having gas is no fun

What's New in the Last Week: He has gained quite a bit of weight - one pound in the last week!! He is now in between newborn and 0-3 month clothes; depending on the brand. Some newborn things are plenty big still and others are skin tight. Last night was his first fussy night which I can't really complain about because he is 4 weeks old! And even then, he still slept decently. 

We also decided to be on a little bit more of a schedule. So in order for Parker to nap, we still get up at 6am every day :/ I don't love waking up that early but it is what works! I just take a shower first thing and then I'm usually good to go. Plus, Clint is still home so he can feed Parker breakfast and hang out with him.

He is starting to notice more, like the toys on his carseat. The other night we had visitors and as soon as I sat next to Whitney and started talking he looked over and just stared at me :) It was sweet.

I can tell he is going to be ticklish! His feet are the same way!

He is so noisy!!

Prepare for several pictures of Beckham...sleeping. Because he does a lot of that. And I think he's cute while doing it.


just stop with the camera

enjoying the nice evening

Hip Hop Hooray...Hooooe!

like father, like son

chillin at the pool

beddy bye time...sleeping like Parker with his arms up

I don't think that is what tummy time is supposed to be like.

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