Line Dancing

Most people that know me, know that I love line dancing! I have introduced several friends to it over the last 6 years that I have been going (on and off). Wow. I just realized that it's been 6 years since I first went! I was introduced by an older coworker from Cracker Barrel and have loved it ever since! I went almost every week for about two years then took a break for about a year. Then I went back on and off for the next two years. I introduced my good friend August to it back in January and we have gone almost every Wednesday since. Recently we started taking our friend Rebecca. I have picked up all the dances I learned over the years and I am getting way better at learning new ones on my own! Last night they taught "Chill Factor". I learned it a while back but it was really hard so I didn't get it down. So last night I mostly got it. The way they teach dances is like this: 
1. step by step directions with no music. You learn small segments over and over until you have walked through the whole dance.
2. You dance the whole dance a couple times straight through with the instructor calling out the steps.
3. You dance part or sometimes the whole dance to the song but in a slowed down version.
4. Full on dance time - no instructions!

Then they go back to regular dancing and give you about an hour to remember or forget the dance. Then they replay it (with no instructions). Last night when they replayed it later, they changed up the song and it was a much faster version! About 75% of the people walked off the floor because it was hard to begin with and then the song was too hard. 

Well, I am a loser/nerd and decided tonight that I wanted to really learn it, so I found it on youtube and practiced! Enjoy:

Who is your favorite dancer??


There is a website called Teachers Pay Teachers, and this website is for teachers to post items they create which are then available for free or purchase. Because textbooks don't always match standards or fit to what or how you like to teach, many teachers create their own supplements, worksheets, videos, etc. I have created many of my own things just because I am picky and want things a certain way. I also like to experiment with photoshop and different fonts. So I decided to put a few things up for sale! Most items on this website are fairly cheap, like $1 or $2 but some of the big units are more. We'll see how it goes! Check out my shop here :)

5/6 Edit: Already sold $8 worth!


I'm sure you have heard of Pinterest by now...really, who hasn't?! At first, I was all "What's the fuss about?"  I got a login and left it alone for a couple months. Then Augusta , a girl I work with, mentioned it a few times. So I decided to login again and try to figure it out. It was a little confusing at first but I finally figured out how to navigate it and organize it. Basically it's a glorified google image search. But better. I really like it because I find new ideas for teaching and school related ideas all the time! I also like it because we are in the middle of finally decorating our house. Pinterest has soo many ideas of things you can do! I login every few days to see what other people have pinned and I also use it when I find pictures of things I like. I don't like bookmarking something where I only want the picture and usually when I save just an image, I forget that I have it. So, if you need ideas or like to do crafty things, check it out!

Summer Time

With three and a half weeks left before summer vacation, I am now in the mindset of summer vacation :) I definitely have good reason too!

This Friday, May 4th: Opening our pool!! Woo hoo!

June 2nd - Me and Clint's 5th anniversary! We aren't sure what we are planning to do yet for the actual event. The present I asked for was to get pictures taken :) We have nothing hanging on our walls and I would really love some nice professional pictures. Not necessarily pictures of our faces, but nice pictures like above.

June 5th - 12th: I am going to California to see my mother :) I can't wait for this!! I love everything about California and of course my mom. I also get to see my mom's new house that she is in the midst of remodeling, which I know will be awesome!

June 12th - 19th: Lindsay and Ange will be in Indy for a few of these days, so extra sister time this summer!

July 9th - 16th: Clint and I are going to Ft. Myers with our friends Mike and Betsy. We haven't been on a vacation with friends in a while so this should be fun too!

July 20th - 24th: I will be going to Chicago with three girls that I work with for a first grade conference. We are taking a train there and back and staying at the Marriott on the Magnificent Mile. The best part is that our school district is paying for it! We will have so much fun! and we'll learn a lot too :)

Awesome sounding huh?