Summer Time

With three and a half weeks left before summer vacation, I am now in the mindset of summer vacation :) I definitely have good reason too!

This Friday, May 4th: Opening our pool!! Woo hoo!

June 2nd - Me and Clint's 5th anniversary! We aren't sure what we are planning to do yet for the actual event. The present I asked for was to get pictures taken :) We have nothing hanging on our walls and I would really love some nice professional pictures. Not necessarily pictures of our faces, but nice pictures like above.

June 5th - 12th: I am going to California to see my mother :) I can't wait for this!! I love everything about California and of course my mom. I also get to see my mom's new house that she is in the midst of remodeling, which I know will be awesome!

June 12th - 19th: Lindsay and Ange will be in Indy for a few of these days, so extra sister time this summer!

July 9th - 16th: Clint and I are going to Ft. Myers with our friends Mike and Betsy. We haven't been on a vacation with friends in a while so this should be fun too!

July 20th - 24th: I will be going to Chicago with three girls that I work with for a first grade conference. We are taking a train there and back and staying at the Marriott on the Magnificent Mile. The best part is that our school district is paying for it! We will have so much fun! and we'll learn a lot too :)

Awesome sounding huh?

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  1. Sounds like a packed and awesomely fun summer break! Hopefully there will be some good blog postings in there too!