Dining Room Painting

Well we started to paint the dining room (then we will get to the family room since they are connected) and like our other painting projects, it takes us a while. With Clint working nights still, we don't get much done during the week, which is fine. The paint we bought, perfect plum, is pretty thin so it's taking several coats unfortunately. Clint put the chair rail up yesterday since we had company, just so it looks mostly finished. We need to paint the white on the bottom and the trim needs painted as well. The plum needs touched up and the trim needs finished. Hopefully only a couple hours worth of work. Then we will start on the living room, which will be a light gray. 

So far I am pretty happy with the way it looks!


  1. I like it! Your house is starting to look like a show room house. All perfect and everything. Sigh. We will never have a show room house.

  2. I love the purple and gray! It looks really great!

  3. love the vivid colors - that's great out in the midwest where you get a lot of gray skies during the winter! I'm trying to get used to different colors out here - our walls are more pastel since we get so much sun all the time!

    Love the way it looks! And the furniture is really nice!