I could use some good pieces of chocolate right now. Since I don't have any and I am getting ready to go to bed, I will just write about my favorite kinds of chocolate. That might make me feel better.

Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is my favorite!! If I go to Cold Stone, I love to substitute chocolate chips for a brownie.

Chocolate cake!! Cracker Barrel had Cocoa-Cola Cake which was heaven!!!!!

Reese Peanut Butter Eggs, which are NOT the same as Reese Cups! They are better!

Reese Cups. Chocolate and PB...what else?

Snickers! These are especially delicious in the fridge!
Well...I don't really feel that much better...but I am tired and going to bed :)

Happy Birthday Clint!!

 Yesterday was Clint's 26th birthday!I baked him a surprise cake while he was napping. Of course, as soon as he wakes up he says "Oooh, a cake!" WithOUT even seeing it. Damn his good sniffer.

Here is Clint in the midst of his birthday nap with Zoe. Pathetic aren't they?

For the rest of his birthday we went to Barlos Pizza for lunch. Then we met some friends at The Three Pints, in Plainfield. We then hung out with some friends the rest of the night. Tonight we met his parents at Outback Steakhouse for dinner, which was Yummy!!

Zoe has eaten...

Zoe will be 3 in July. She has eaten many things in her short three years. Here are a few:

the trim on the floor, all 5 couch/loveseat cushions, the back pillow of the couch, the Nintendo 64 cords

 Dunkin Donuts, stuffed animals, shoes, blankets

socks, cat toys, the futon, books, VHS covers

my cell phone, a video camera, all the hostas, more socks

gloves, winter hats, baseball hats, bath towels, spatula

our mattress, french bread loaf, Digiorno pizza crust, wooden spoons

Tupperware, a whole meatloaf, a whole pan of blueberry muffins

wrapping paper, cat poop, her dog beads, my underwear, toothpaste

a whole pack of birth control pills, multiple packages of gum, a gigantic Hershey kiss

a mouth guard, a whole bar of soap

There are probably lots of other things that I can't think of. We have never taken her to the vet because she never shows signs of issues or being sick or anything. Also, of all those things she's eaten the only thing that has made her throw up are the socks and the bar of soap. Everything else is on the backyard!


Emily and I are near the end of our first 8 week class. The final project which is also half of our grade is to conduct a webinar on a technology/education subject. We will be presenting on mobile technology next Tuesday night. 
 Almost every class I get reminders of how glad I am that I decided to get my masters with someone, especially someone that I work with! I cannot imagine doing some of the assignments and especially group/partner work with someone I don't know. The whole masters program is conducted online, so our instructors encourage Skyping or other ways of communicating but with the amount of regular school stuff I have had lately I can't imagine meeting someone! It has been nice this last semester to only have one class to focus on. However, it has felt like a lot more work than my first three semesters. Only one more week to go!

No Sense!

Over at my blog prompt generator, I found the question "Which sense would you give up if you had to lose one?" This of course is a very hard thing to choose, but since it is theoretically I can pick one kind of easily: taste! While I love food and I love the taste of good food like popcorn, candy, lemonade and other delicious treats, there is one downside to my tasting sense. 

I am extremely picky!! Not just picky like most people say. I am the pickiest eater I have ever known. I do not like vegetables (including all forms of potatoes other than plain chips). I do not like tea or coffee of any sort. I do not eat condiments on anything. I like everything plain! 

One of the most annoying parts about being picky is that people always think that I do this on purpose! Why in the world would I choose to like only unhealthy food? Why would I choose to limit my eating options to kid or plain American food? I also hate when people ask me the question "Well, what do you eat?" Like I can list off four foods that I eat. I eat lots of different things but they are just pretty plain. 

I had a dream once that I was pregnant and that I was addicted to eating salad! I hate salad and anything that a rabbit would eat but I would love to change that. Guess we'll see someday.


I am beyond tired right now. It's only 9:19. These last 2-3 weeks have been ridiculously busy for me. I have had a ton of homework for my college class because it is only 8 weeks. 16 weeks smooshed into 8 weeks. Fun. However, it is almost done! 
I had to get three reader's theater scripts done tonight for our family night next week (that we totally forgot about until last Friday!). So I just spent the last 2 hours getting those ready but I am excited to do some Dr. Seuss plays!

I have been scheduled for any and all meetings in these last 2-3 weeks also! I went to the teacher rally downtown and had a district meeting about teacher evaluations with a guest speaker: Tony Bennett! Gag. He has only been a politician for a little over a year and he already has the job down pat. 
Question: Why are charter schools getting the big push?
Answer: Blah blah, circle around the answer, say what I want that isn't related, blah blah.

Thanks for wasting an hour and a half of my precious time!

This year we are getting reading to get a new science series so I am also on the science textbook committee! I actually have kind of enjoyed this more than I thought. It just has been a kind of big time commitment.

AAH!! It's 9:24! I need to go to bed before my eyeballs fall out! 
./\../\...o o
Oops there they are.

iTunes A to Z

I decided to go through my iTunes library and pick my favorite song title for each letter of the alphabet.

All I Want to Do by Sugarland
Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
Closer by Kings of Leon
Dream On by Aerosmith
Easy Silence by Dixie Chicks
Forever by Chris Brown
Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles
Her Diamonds by Rob Thomas
If I Never See Your Face Again by Maroon 5
Just Dance by Lady Gaga
Keep Your Hands To Yourself by Georgia Satellites
Lover Lay Down by DMB
Misery by Maroon 5
Not Ready To Make Nice by Dixie Chicks
Only Prettier by Miranda Lambert
PYT by Michael Jackson
Revelry by Kings of Leon
Single Ladies by Beyonce
Three Little Birds by Bob Marley
Underneath It All by No Doubt
Virginia Bluebell by Miranda Lambert
Work It by Missy Elliott
You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse

Which do you like or dislike?

School Dances

While looking for pictures of places I have lived, I found my senior book which had school dance pictures. That gave me a good laugh! So I thought I would share those wonderful memories!

Sophomore Year

 Homecoming This was the first dance of high school and I went with a group of girls that I played volleyball with. Note the black tights lol. I'm not sure if you can tell that my dress is velour, but it is!

 Valentine's Dance Lord.This was the first dance I went to with a boyfriend.

 Prom I was so excited for prom! I didn't know any other sophomores going to prom so I was a little nervous. I was going with a senior that I had lunch with but had never talked to before he asked me to go. We did hang out for a couple weeks before prom so we weren't complete strangers. I had a really fun time and Josh was a nice guy...he even looked like Val Kilmer (in his better days, pre tax evasion).

Junior Year

 Homecoming I started dating Matt at the beginning of junior year and we dated the whole year almost so all three dances were with him. This dance was held in the commons area of the HS instead of the normal venue (the fire dept. conference center) so it was a weird dance being in a hallway-ish.

Valentine's Dance I loved this dress (at the time). Like most of my other ones...a sale find! You can't tell, but it was a 2 piece and the back was kinda funky. It tied and showed some risque!

Prom This definitely became my favorite dress! The funkier the better! No one had the same dress either!

Senior Year

 Homecoming I went with a friend to this dance. Had a really fun time! I also loved this dress. I started finally picking better dress than my first few.

 Valentine's Dance This was Clint and I's first dance together.

You can't really tell, but there was glitter all over the top of the dress.

Prom Gail treated me to my senior prom dress. I used some of the spare beads to even make my earrings.

I like the way my dress looks in the pictures but I kept wishing I had bought another blue and green dress. Oh well!

Some very funny and scary pictures but I ended with the best date :)

Places I Have Lived

I was born in Santa Cruz, California. We lived in a little white rental house somewhat close to the beach. I only lived in that house for the first 4 years of my life so I don't remember much. I know that it had some wood floors and I have several pictures of the inside but I don't have many real memories from living there. All I really remember is that it was a while cement block house.

Then we moved back to Indiana soon after Hilary was born. We moved in with my aunt Jean, who lives next door to my grandma (both on my dad's side). We lived there for a little while. 

My parents looked forever for a house that fit our family's needs and finally found a house off Washington Street in between Bridgeport Road and Girl School Road. This is where most of my memories come from. We lived here from 1988 - 2002.

My parents divorced in 1994 and we continued living in the same house with my dad until he decided to move to a new house with our stepmom Gail. They built a house literally 2 miles away, right  next to Bridgeport Elementary (which was actually built after we moved in). I lived here until I got married in 2007.

I will include my two college residences since I actually lived in them for a year. I lived in a dorm my freshman year at IU. Good old Mcnutt Crone! I lived with a high school friend for the first semester until she transferred to PU to be with her boyfriend. I then got a new roommate for the 2nd semester. She was an interesting story. She was also a freshman but was from Chicago. She was nice but we didn't become bff's or anything.

My sophomore year of college, I lived with my friend Matt. I went to school with Matt from kindergarten to 12th grade. We had a radio show together our senior year of high school and we had agreed that we would live together during college. We lived in an apartment off 2nd street in Bloomington, not to far from Wal-Mart. The complex was named Rolling Ridge and it was a really nice place. Matt was also the best roommate. He studied a lot (he will graduate med school in May!), was very clean, and an all-around good guy. I transferred to IUPUI my junior year and lived back at home.

Clint and I got married in June of 2007 but we built a house and moved in to it in April. We have lived here since then, so almost 4 years. I've said before that I would love to move this summer so I hopefully will add a new place to this list soon. We would like to move into a house that will be our "real home" for a long time! The location is still up for debate so we'll see where that it.

Childhood Books

When I was younger, my mom brought all of us kids to library all the time. We went even more during the summer. When we first started going, I was a new reader so I loved books on tape! 

Almost every time we went I would get a few and Fox in Socks was most likely coming home. I was a little obsessed with this book.

As I got older, I started reading younger chapter books. The Puddle Lane Series was my favorite! I looked on ebay to see if there were any for sale (in sets) but no luck; just single books.

 I then started to read the Bailey School Kids series. These books always had goofy titles like Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots and Santa Claus Doesn't Mop Floors. Lindsay used to make fun of me all the time for reading these books. I loved them!

Because Lindsay was older than me, she would read the Sweet Valley High series. In my attempt to be just like her, I read the Sweet Valley Twins series. Same girls, just younger :) I later moved on to the more mature series. lol.

Of course, I cannot forget the two rain and library incidences. We all had our very own library cards when we were little. For some reason, I liked to read outside and leave my books out there. Well, it always rained when I left them outside. The first time I found my wet books, I shoved them between my mattress and box spring. Almost a year later my mom decided to flip my mattress and fold a molded pile of books. 

The second time we left books outside was when we were all aspiring gymnasts. We have an awesome book about all the different moves and routines. Well...we left it outside and it also got moldy. I had over $100 in library fees when I was in the 1st grade. It took almost a year to pay off, but I paid it all by myself (from allowance of course).


When I was younger, about 8 - 10 years old trolls were quite popular (I think). Well, they were popular with me anyways. I loved them. I loved the fuzzy colored hair and the fact that they were usually naked except for the bejeweled belly buttons. I was never one to collect anything really and I still don't like collections. Trolls however were and continue to be the only exception. As I got closer to become a teacher I decided that I might want to have a room filled with trolls! I started collecting them again during the summers when I would go to garage sales. Then, I realized it could be a little creepy, especially to younger children to have a room filled with trolls. I did start finding trolls with clothes, which became more important than finding dirty boring trolls. My favorite is the astronaut troll:

When I found this treasure at a garage sale, I asked nonchalantly. "how much for the troll?" They said "oh 50 cents." I shouted "Yes! A trolls with clothes!!" The sellers then told me had they know I would have been so excited, they would have charged more! My lucky day!!

Now I have a huge box of trolls and the kids LOVE to play with them during indoor recess! Double lucky!

New shows!!

Clint and I have a few shows that we watch (or dvr) regularly. 

We both like Criminal Minds and Law & Order: SVU. Those shows are currently in the middle of their season so I'm not any more excited about them as I am about new shows like:

Survivor and Amazing Race!! 

Clint's other favorite show, Justified, started last week, which I actually like too. It is about a cowboy-like US marshal. 

We also watched a show last fall called Melissa & Joey. It is totally dorky and it's on ABC Family (although I don't really think it is family oriented). Clint would probably never admit to watching this show but he would yell at me if I started watching it without him! 

Finally, The Glades (on A&E) starts in March I think. This is a funny detective show with some romance. Fun for everyone! So 4 out of 7 shows are police/law type shows...guess that's what we like!