Rally For Education

Tonight there was a big rally at the Statehouse for education. It all kind of started from a Facebook page called Support Indiana Teachers. I got Lindsay to go with me which was good because I probably would have gotten lost! I also was a little nervous about walking around by myself but I can be a baby. 

So we got there just before 5 and there was a long line at the doors to get in and it was FREEZING COLD! Well, some fancy lady opened another door so that we could bypass security and get inside. Thank You!! Sidenote - Lindsay thought that we were rallying outside in the cold! HA! No thank you! Teachers rally inside the statehouse where it is warm!

We got into the atrium where everything was set up, and it was already full of people! Lindsay and I listened to all the speakers and cheered and booed when appropriate but mostly read peoples' signs and chatted and giggled. We aren't much for standing still and listening for an hour. We also took some fun pics.

Lindsay of course had to take this crazbo picture of me:


  1. way to support Indiana teachers!! (and, great pictures!)

  2. You didn't even mention the free t-shirts...

  3. GREAT picture! Way to be supportive!