Places I Have Lived

I was born in Santa Cruz, California. We lived in a little white rental house somewhat close to the beach. I only lived in that house for the first 4 years of my life so I don't remember much. I know that it had some wood floors and I have several pictures of the inside but I don't have many real memories from living there. All I really remember is that it was a while cement block house.

Then we moved back to Indiana soon after Hilary was born. We moved in with my aunt Jean, who lives next door to my grandma (both on my dad's side). We lived there for a little while. 

My parents looked forever for a house that fit our family's needs and finally found a house off Washington Street in between Bridgeport Road and Girl School Road. This is where most of my memories come from. We lived here from 1988 - 2002.

My parents divorced in 1994 and we continued living in the same house with my dad until he decided to move to a new house with our stepmom Gail. They built a house literally 2 miles away, right  next to Bridgeport Elementary (which was actually built after we moved in). I lived here until I got married in 2007.

I will include my two college residences since I actually lived in them for a year. I lived in a dorm my freshman year at IU. Good old Mcnutt Crone! I lived with a high school friend for the first semester until she transferred to PU to be with her boyfriend. I then got a new roommate for the 2nd semester. She was an interesting story. She was also a freshman but was from Chicago. She was nice but we didn't become bff's or anything.

My sophomore year of college, I lived with my friend Matt. I went to school with Matt from kindergarten to 12th grade. We had a radio show together our senior year of high school and we had agreed that we would live together during college. We lived in an apartment off 2nd street in Bloomington, not to far from Wal-Mart. The complex was named Rolling Ridge and it was a really nice place. Matt was also the best roommate. He studied a lot (he will graduate med school in May!), was very clean, and an all-around good guy. I transferred to IUPUI my junior year and lived back at home.

Clint and I got married in June of 2007 but we built a house and moved in to it in April. We have lived here since then, so almost 4 years. I've said before that I would love to move this summer so I hopefully will add a new place to this list soon. We would like to move into a house that will be our "real home" for a long time! The location is still up for debate so we'll see where that it.


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