So yesterday I completely forgot to do a blog post. You would think that being home all day would make my journey to blog 100 posts easier. I had so much time that I forgot! I will write two blogs today to make up for it however, I know my streak is over :( Oh loyal fans, forgive me!

Today will be a busy day for me! We are off for a third day in a row which is awesome! Ih ave to go yell at AT&T for over charging us for three months. I went in three months ago and he "credited" our account and fixed Clint's data package. Alas, two months later we never received a credit and Clint's (data) package is still too big (haahaha sorry).

I have to go to the Plainfield Police Dept to take care of my ticket. I got a ticket at the bginning of January because I did not renew my license plate in September. I know that you would think 'how did you not know for three months??' but I just don't check my license plate! Not to mention that Clint does all the bills, so I just thought he had done it. He did renew his truck plate, which makes us believe that they did not send my renewal. Clint keeps every bill we recieve and files it appropriately and we cannot find it anywhere! So I am going to try to get out of this ticket today.

I need to go feed my little tortoise Owen today. Having three days off is not good for him, so I will go check on him and feed him his lettuce.

I am going to go see Harry Potter at the movies again! I figure that I cannot use my three days for only working! The next (and last) HP movie comes out in July and I have been itching to see the first part again. 

Fun day planned I know!

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