My Fatal Flaws

Recently Lindsay and I were discussing some of our flaws. *gasp* I know, I'm not perfect. There are two that we were discussing that have been a little more noticeable lately. 

One thing I have a problem with is showing my emotions on my face. I am pretty good at remaining neutral when talking and I can recover my facial expressions pretty quick. The initial glance though is too quick to catch!

Lindsay and mom decided to tell me a few years ago (when in the midst of teacher interviews) that they believe I have an auditory/processing delay. Many times I hear what someone says, but I might say "What?" It just takes a minute to process in my giant brain. Sometimes I also need to think over what was just said. I am a deep thinker!! Well ever since they said that I guess I kind of notice it. I guess I was delayed ! hahaha. ok not funny. Anyways, I mentioned it once to Emily (who I work with and go to college with) and she said "yeah I think you do too." Well gee. Thanks. Clint agrees too. Fine! I'm slow! I get it!

I guess the first step in getting over your faults is to admit them. Not to mention I can totally live with them...they aren't that bad sometimes!


  1. I didn't mean to make you sad about it!

  2. Hahaha. You were delayed in noticing. So freaking funny. It's true though!

  3. bwahahaha...I told you that you had an auditory processing delay YEARS ago, like in 4th grade. So I guess it's true -- you just now caught up?

    Nothing like having your loving family pick on you, right?