School Dances

While looking for pictures of places I have lived, I found my senior book which had school dance pictures. That gave me a good laugh! So I thought I would share those wonderful memories!

Sophomore Year

 Homecoming This was the first dance of high school and I went with a group of girls that I played volleyball with. Note the black tights lol. I'm not sure if you can tell that my dress is velour, but it is!

 Valentine's Dance Lord.This was the first dance I went to with a boyfriend.

 Prom I was so excited for prom! I didn't know any other sophomores going to prom so I was a little nervous. I was going with a senior that I had lunch with but had never talked to before he asked me to go. We did hang out for a couple weeks before prom so we weren't complete strangers. I had a really fun time and Josh was a nice guy...he even looked like Val Kilmer (in his better days, pre tax evasion).

Junior Year

 Homecoming I started dating Matt at the beginning of junior year and we dated the whole year almost so all three dances were with him. This dance was held in the commons area of the HS instead of the normal venue (the fire dept. conference center) so it was a weird dance being in a hallway-ish.

Valentine's Dance I loved this dress (at the time). Like most of my other ones...a sale find! You can't tell, but it was a 2 piece and the back was kinda funky. It tied and showed some risque!

Prom This definitely became my favorite dress! The funkier the better! No one had the same dress either!

Senior Year

 Homecoming I went with a friend to this dance. Had a really fun time! I also loved this dress. I started finally picking better dress than my first few.

 Valentine's Dance This was Clint and I's first dance together.

You can't really tell, but there was glitter all over the top of the dress.

Prom Gail treated me to my senior prom dress. I used some of the spare beads to even make my earrings.

I like the way my dress looks in the pictures but I kept wishing I had bought another blue and green dress. Oh well!

Some very funny and scary pictures but I ended with the best date :)


  1. None of those pics are that bad!

    Dag you went to a lot of dances. I think I went to like 2 in high school. The only one I have photo proof of was my senior year prom.

  2. yea, you had a closet full of fancy dresses!