When I was younger, about 8 - 10 years old trolls were quite popular (I think). Well, they were popular with me anyways. I loved them. I loved the fuzzy colored hair and the fact that they were usually naked except for the bejeweled belly buttons. I was never one to collect anything really and I still don't like collections. Trolls however were and continue to be the only exception. As I got closer to become a teacher I decided that I might want to have a room filled with trolls! I started collecting them again during the summers when I would go to garage sales. Then, I realized it could be a little creepy, especially to younger children to have a room filled with trolls. I did start finding trolls with clothes, which became more important than finding dirty boring trolls. My favorite is the astronaut troll:

When I found this treasure at a garage sale, I asked nonchalantly. "how much for the troll?" They said "oh 50 cents." I shouted "Yes! A trolls with clothes!!" The sellers then told me had they know I would have been so excited, they would have charged more! My lucky day!!

Now I have a huge box of trolls and the kids LOVE to play with them during indoor recess! Double lucky!


  1. We should perhaps do some blogging about garage sales in general. I feel like we have a whole bunch of garage sale stories.

    Yay for trolls!

    And p.s. Ange said tonight "I don't know how you guys remember all these details from your childhood. I barely remember anything!" LOLz!

  2. i have 67 trolls i dont want. how ever i know how much they are actually worth. email me at if youre interested!

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