Doggy Daycare

Having a dog is a big responsibility. Finding someone to look after your dog when you are gone is an even bigger responsibility! My little sister lives in Michigan so she is out of the question. When my mom lived in Bloomington, distance and her two crazy cats made it unlikely. Lindsay already has FIVE dogs, most of whom don't want to add another lovely mutt to the mix. Finally, my dad has too big of a house and too many things that can be eaten or chewed to shreds. You can also only ask friends once before they realize that she will throw up soap suds fifteen times in an hour!

So, we had to find a dog boarding facility to take the dog when we were gone. The most annoying thing about doggie daycare is price. They are not cheap! Bloomington has a few pretty cheap places, but it's an hour away and not that convenient. Indianapolis doesn't really have that many great choices to begin with either. I am not going to leave my beloved pup with just any old scumbag. Camp Bow Wow was really the only choice we found that was suitable. They even have 4 different puppy cams so you can spy on your dog while you are away. The bad part is that it is $35 a night. The good part is that Zoe seems to love playing with the large amount of dogs (although she would probably like any place just the same!). 

Puppy Playground is a new place that opened up on 10th Street. It is $5 cheaper, which isn't much until you add that for a week! It doesn't have a dog camera so I am still a little iffy for our upcoming vacation. I'll have to check out some reviews!


  1. We take our dog to Tail Waggers on Morris street (between Raceway/Girls School) and our dogs LOVE it. We have taken them there for day care and boarding and have had really good experiences. We also took our dogs to Camp Bow Wow and loved that place too (it is further from our home though). Both places are great! We haven't tried puppy playground yet, but haven't had a need to try it since the other two places are so good with our dogs.

  2. Oh Zoe. Such a bratty dog. She does seem to love Bow Wow though!

  3. I've never heard of Tail Waggers...thanks for the tip! I'll check into it.