Midnight and Pepper

I already wrote about the most beloved pet ever, Dusty. So now I will introduce Midnight and Pepper, two black gerbils. Lindsay and I both got to pick out gerbils when I was in about the 2nd grade.We both picked out black ones and I named my Midnight for obvious reasons. Lindsay however named hers Pepper for unobvious reasons. Even though they were both black, hers was skinnier than my fat gerbil. 

These pets were great! We could hold them and play with them or just put them in their cage to play by themselves. Worked out for everyone. One day while cleaning out their cage, they both escaped! At the time, we had two cats and a dog, all of which liked to chase and eat small rodents or birds. I thought we were doomed!

Pepper was found rather quickly and returned to the safety of his glass house. Midnight however was nowhere to be found! After looking all night, I had to give up to go to bed. I laid in bed crying about  my poor Midnight. This sadness lasted for a while because I always saw Pepper playing all by his lonesome. Two weeks later as I was cleaning my room I heard a weird scratching noise. Under my bed was a mess of course. There was a cardboard box that had once held my Barbie swimming pool. I pulled the box out and alas! There was Midnight healthy as could be! He was not eaten by the evil Charlie Cat!! 

Gerbils are not long lasting pets. They usually live about 2 years. Our hardy gerbils lived for quite a while but obviously not forever. They died relatively close to each other and they are both buried in a Tupperware container in the backyard of our old house under a tree. RIP gerbils!


  1. #1 pepper (the spice) is black. So yes, obvious.

    #2 "I laid in bed crying about my poop Midnight." I don't even know what this means but I am laughing myself silly.

  2. OHHHHH. Hahaha. I was so confused. Poop Midnight!

  3. ha ha ha i got a gerbil and named it pepper(before i read this) wow ha ha