Snow Day!

Today was the first snow day that Wayne has had this year! Tomorrow was already a day off for students due to teacher professional development day...however it has been canceled now!! I am currently trying to convince Clint to stay home with me tomorrow. He is on the fence but we'll see!

I woke up this morning to the sound of our garage door. However, it would not open! Later in the day I tried again but alas, it did not open. Clint finally banged the crap out of it when he got home and it finally opened. He then decided he wanted to fit his truck in the garage so that it wouldn't be covered in ice tomorrow. He has had his trailer with the mower on it, in the garage. He decided to pull it out and bring it over to the house that we are trying to sell. That was a fun trip! There were branches in the road and it was just nasty out!

We got home and had to rearrange everything, but we got the truck to fit! There is maybe one inch in between the truck and the wall and maybe 3 inches between his truck and the garage door! Just close enough! 

Now, I am all ready to stay snuggled up all day tomorrow, hopefully with Clint! Stay warm and have a wonderful snow (ice) day!

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