Childhood Books

When I was younger, my mom brought all of us kids to library all the time. We went even more during the summer. When we first started going, I was a new reader so I loved books on tape! 

Almost every time we went I would get a few and Fox in Socks was most likely coming home. I was a little obsessed with this book.

As I got older, I started reading younger chapter books. The Puddle Lane Series was my favorite! I looked on ebay to see if there were any for sale (in sets) but no luck; just single books.

 I then started to read the Bailey School Kids series. These books always had goofy titles like Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots and Santa Claus Doesn't Mop Floors. Lindsay used to make fun of me all the time for reading these books. I loved them!

Because Lindsay was older than me, she would read the Sweet Valley High series. In my attempt to be just like her, I read the Sweet Valley Twins series. Same girls, just younger :) I later moved on to the more mature series. lol.

Of course, I cannot forget the two rain and library incidences. We all had our very own library cards when we were little. For some reason, I liked to read outside and leave my books out there. Well, it always rained when I left them outside. The first time I found my wet books, I shoved them between my mattress and box spring. Almost a year later my mom decided to flip my mattress and fold a molded pile of books. 

The second time we left books outside was when we were all aspiring gymnasts. We have an awesome book about all the different moves and routines. Well...we left it outside and it also got moldy. I had over $100 in library fees when I was in the 1st grade. It took almost a year to pay off, but I paid it all by myself (from allowance of course).

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