Summer Vacation - Week #5

Well another week of summer has gone by!  Last Monday Parker & I ventured into my classroom to do a little bit of work. At first he was squirrely and I thought I wasn't going to get anything done but then he settled in and liked playing with some of my things in the room. Of course he had several bursts of energy where he would run out the door and yell "Parker running away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Tuesday we brought Pizza King to Clint at work. He works way out in Coatsville in the middle of cornfields so they were happy to have us bring them lunch! On the way out there we ran into a torrential rain storm! On the way home it just poured! Everything was flooded!

Wednesday I went with Augusta to the 1st Here We Grow Again Teacher Sale in Brownsburg. I have gone to the HWGA Children's sale several times, so I was expecting something similar. However, they crammed 10,000+ items into a tiny building with a bajillion people. So Parker and I went in for about 10-15 minutes and then ran out as fast as we could! It was way too crowded for me. Since I had Parker, I also was ready to go out. He was very well behaved though. It may have been the couple powdered donuts he was eating but either way...I'll take it!

Thursday...hmmm. There's always one day that I flat out don't remember!

Friday Clint had to work due to all the rain so Parker and I just stayed at home and hung out. Then in the evening we went to Mike & Betsy's house to find out what they are having in November....they're having a baby girl! Parker had fun driving all of Griffin's vehicles. He also loved watching all the chickens that has Mike has. He was standing there singing "Old Macdonald had a farm, e i e i o"

Saturday we went to Ady's 2nd birthday party! Parker loved playing in the pools and eating cake!

Yesterday we went to the pool because it was practically 100 degrees! Then we grilled out and made a fire to roast marshmallows! Parker is still not a fan. 

Thursday I leave for California for the weekend to see my sisters and cousins! I am so excited! I'm also a little sad that Parker isn't going but I know it'll be a good time!!

reading with Jennifer...I love how much she loves him!

Parker spies Renny at grandpa's! 

funny faces

he loves the umbrella
He loves to try and make daddy coffee for when he gets home. It usually just consists of sugar though!

He loves to jump & dance.

He's getting really good at riding his tricycle.

He is obsessed with watching youtube videos of buffalos, helicopters, trains, tractors, etc. They're just videos of these vehicles moving but he loves them!

Summer Vacation - Week #4

Last Monday, Parker and I spent recuperating from our trip/drive to Myrtle Beach (sorry Clint!). We hung out at home and had some fun playing. 

He was so proud to wipe Zoe's feet off all by himself.

 We LOVE playing & relaxing in our backyard!!

Of course there are popsicles involved.

Tuesday we went to BW3's for dinner and then we went to Half Price Books. Parker loves to sit at the table and chairs and read books!

We also like to try on fun hats as daddy pays for our books!

 Wednesday we went to Hummel Park to play!

He does this thing where he finds the biggest rock he can, then he puts it on top of his foot and says "Help mommy! Parker stuck!" He is such a goob!

I have no idea what he did Thursday because it's summer. 

Friday morning we  left for Dale Hollow Lake! Well, we left after I made a quick trip to Meijer that ended up not being quick because I locked my keys in the car. in the rain. But Clint and a random stranger saved the day!!

who decided to do all these roadtrips?!?

our view of the lake!
vacation = popcorn
riding on a boat is hard work

Conner & Parker were boatin buddies!

Sunday night when we got home, he was too tired to do anything but watch Paw Patrol & eat some popcorn ;)

Summer Vacation - Week #3

Last week I started the week out by having a two day math PD so Parker got to hangout with Jennifer & Ady. Wednesday I spent cleaning the house, packing, and doing a quick run to the grocery store because we were going to Myrtle Beach! 

We left Wednesday night a little before 8 pm. All week Parker kept saying we were going to the beach so on Wednesday morning he said "Wednesday go to the beach!"

It was a long drive but we made it around 10 am Thursday. We couldn't check in to our room til 3:30 so we spent all morning playing at the beach and the many pools our hotel had. We stayed at Coral Beach Resort & Suites. It was a really nice hotel, especially for kids!

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were pretty much the same thing: beach, pool, repeat. There were a few naps in there and a few other random things but we hadn't planned to go do anything since we were only there a few days.

Parker made a friend named Posey while we were there. She was always holding his hand taking him somewhere. She was the sweetest little girl!

Our hotel had a bowling alley & arcade in it so we played in there for a little bit one afternoon.

We left a little before 9 on Sunday morning and made it home just after 10 so it was a much faster drive home. Parker was really well behaved on the way home although it took some tent making, some cheetoh puffs, and the portable dvd player. 

I also taught him how to get the semi trucks to honk! He thought it was so fun!

Overall we both thought Myrtle Beach was a really nice place and we had a lot of fun!