Summer Vacation - Week #3

Last week I started the week out by having a two day math PD so Parker got to hangout with Jennifer & Ady. Wednesday I spent cleaning the house, packing, and doing a quick run to the grocery store because we were going to Myrtle Beach! 

We left Wednesday night a little before 8 pm. All week Parker kept saying we were going to the beach so on Wednesday morning he said "Wednesday go to the beach!"

It was a long drive but we made it around 10 am Thursday. We couldn't check in to our room til 3:30 so we spent all morning playing at the beach and the many pools our hotel had. We stayed at Coral Beach Resort & Suites. It was a really nice hotel, especially for kids!

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were pretty much the same thing: beach, pool, repeat. There were a few naps in there and a few other random things but we hadn't planned to go do anything since we were only there a few days.

Parker made a friend named Posey while we were there. She was always holding his hand taking him somewhere. She was the sweetest little girl!

Our hotel had a bowling alley & arcade in it so we played in there for a little bit one afternoon.

We left a little before 9 on Sunday morning and made it home just after 10 so it was a much faster drive home. Parker was really well behaved on the way home although it took some tent making, some cheetoh puffs, and the portable dvd player. 

I also taught him how to get the semi trucks to honk! He thought it was so fun!

Overall we both thought Myrtle Beach was a really nice place and we had a lot of fun!

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